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Sew (and Spooky Poetry)


I usually write personal, autobiographical, or spiritual poetry, but lately I’ve been venturing out and having fun with fictional poetry.

I have an Instagram called @potionpoetry where I post all kinds of whismical, gothic, and fairy-tale-like poetry.

It’s been fun playing with various spooky (or, spoopy) verses.  Here is another one:

eyes poem

It’s been fun letting go of the need to say something meaningful in every single poem.

Now I’m just seeing how creative, or silly, or creepy poems can get.  It’s been a challenge, such as… can I tell a quick dark story?

Old Woman Maude

And can I tell a story with the least amount of words possible?

candy from strangers

And can I allow myself to just be plain old wEiRd??

eat me

It’s been sooo much fun exploring and trying out new poems 💀

If you’d like to see more, follow me @potionpoetry and I will follow you back 😘

Potion Poetry no longer available on Instagram.
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