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Blogging Honestly

I’ll be honest with you.  I suck at blogging.

I see my last post and I cringe, because I know it’s just a bunch of advice I’ve read and put together.  “Make it scan-able”, “use gifs”, etc.  I mean, it wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t me.

I have this love-hate relationship with social media because I want to share, truly share, anything that brings joy and brightness into my life.

butterfly-2978576_1920Then this little voice comes in (you know, all the advice I’ve ever read) that says I have to be cohesive, or consistent, or dumb it down for short attention spans… On and on, and it’s like I share a bit, then hold back.

But mostly hold back.

And, really, I know it sounds like a dream in this day and age, but I truly want to connect with others online.  I don’t care to sell stuff (I don’t really have a business, though I’m an author), I don’t care to be the most popular, and I don’t care to bring in ad revenue.

I really just want to connect.

In the spirit of what I truly want, I’m going to start blogging honestly.

butterfly-1437748_1920This means that sometimes it will be about writing, because I’m a writer.  But I’m also a very spiritual person, a very curious person, a very sensitive and nerdy and artsy person.

This means that you’ll see stuff that moves you sometimes, and other times you’ll see stuff that bores you.  I’m not cohesive, so my blog won’t be cohesive.  It will be more like a collage.

So, I hope you stick around and that we’ll get to connect in a meaningful way.

Take care,

Yari Garcia 🌸

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