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Inspiring + Raunchy? Yes, Please!

Hi!  If you’re a writer, I wanted to tell you about this awesome author I just discovered!

Where has Chuck Wendig been all my life?? 😍  I saw his book, Damn Fine Story advertised on Writer’s Digest, and had to check it out.IMG_20180307_173526_551

I also saw that he had written a series of eye-catching books for writers for a cheaper price, and downloaded some samples.  Turns out, Chuck is entertaining, hilarious, AND inspiring!

I bought them all in one go 😁

If you like books such as The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (a book which I love), you’ll enjoy Chuck Wendig’s work.

He must be the reincarnation of Tank Girl as a writer.

I also started reading his book, Atlanta Burnsand I gotta say– I am completely in love.  Head-over-heels, I’ll-buy-whatever-he-publishes in love 💕

So, yeah.  I didn’t want you to miss out on this awesome author.  He’s not for the squeamish, just be warned, but he’s freakin’ amazing.

Take care,

Yari Garcia

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