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The Myth of Inspiration

I don’t want to say I’m uninspired when I sit down to write.  Buuuuut…

Sometimes I’d rather marathon Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Sometimes I spend all day working on my college classes, and by 6pm there’s nothing more I want to do than to begin the transformation into couch potato.bookmark-2727098_1920

So yes, sometimes when I sit down to write, it’s forced.  I have zero inspiration.  I’d rather be doing something else.

Still, I show up.

And that’s when something truly magical happens.  I start reading where I left off.  I tidy up a sentence here and there.  I pick up at the end of the scene and add a little more.

Then a little more.

Then a little more.

And before I know it, I got a pretty good 500-1,000 words written down!  It’s like I fall into this wormhole where time and fatigue and un-inspiration cease to exist, and it’s just me and my story.

It’s really a wonderful feeling.

So, if you’re struggling, show up anyway.  Slouch down on the chair.  Grumble.  Have a 50 or 100 word goal.  Chances are, and I would say 8/10 times, inspiration shows up late, but it shows up, and it electrifies you into writing a lot more.

Write on,

Yari Garcia

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