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How I Gained HOURS of Writing Time

Being a full-time student means that I have to write short stories and novels for school and for my own writing.

Not to mention all the reading, research papers, quizzes, uuuggghghgh.

But the burden of school work is one I’ll gladly carry, because I want my degree 😊  I also want to write, so I made a few adjustments that gave me hours of writing time.

Spoiler Alert:  You’re going to hate some of these, if not all 😉

~* No Binge-Watching *~

Hulu is my preciousssss… However, I’ve cut down to just 2 shows that I watch somewhat religiously.

If you’re watching more than 2 hours a day of TV, it’s time to cut some shows out.  Kill your TV darlings, and you’ll gain a pretty good chunk of writing time.

~* No Facebook/Twitter *~

To me, FB is a cesspool, so cutting it out had nothing to do with writing… But!  Twitter?

If your tweets were combined into a book, what would the word count be?  I was shocked to see my combined tweets would have amounted to a series.

A series!!!

And while I loved connecting to other writers, I just couldn’t give the time to read their tweets regularly.

~* No Multi-Tasking *~

When I write, I write.  Thirty minutes of focused writing gives me better results than two hours of unfocused writing.

It also allows me to dive deep into my story– and see plot holes and mistakes during revision.  Focus, to me, is a must.

~* No Phone *~

No phone, no phone, I just want to be alone today… If you know what that is, cool points to you 😁

If I see the phone, I want to touch the phone.  So, most of the time I put the phone away from me while I write.  It’s a great time to charge it and get it out of sight, out of mind.

~* No Phone (Again) *~

Reach for a notebook before reaching for a phone.  Write whatever.  Heck, describe old men or whatnot.

Creativity is infinite– I found this out when I started reaching for the notebook instead of the phone, and whoa!  Stuff keeps coming out! 😝

📓 ✍ 📓 ✍ 📓 ✍ 📓 ✍ 📓 ✍ 📓 ✍ 📓 ✍

If you’re pressed on time, as many of us are, find places where you can carve some writing time.

Sometimes it will be easy– while waiting in line or sitting on the toilet.

Sometimes it will be hard– giving up social media or watching just one episode of Charmed at a time…

But hey, you want to write, right?  Those are my tips for gaining big chunks of writing time 😘

Write on,

Yari Garcia

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