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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Here is my nomination post for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given to creative, positive and inspiring bloggers ❤

Thanks to Lorraine Ambers for the nomination, and I hope I’m doing this right~ LoL😁

Here are my answers!

  • Why did you start blogging?

When I decided to seriously pursue my dream of becoming an author, I started reading so much practical and applicable advice– and this advice transformed my writing.

As a lover of “the journey,” I wanted to share with other writers this journey of learning the art of fiction and storytelling 😊

  • Tell me your favorite quote to live by.

I live by this quote… in a way.  I don’t even know who wrote or said it, but here goes:

Though my mother told me it was only a toy, I could not forgive the silence of the teddy bear.

I “live by” this quote because it shows me just how much magic, humor, and emotion you can inject into one simple sentence.

  • Best book you’ve read this year?

Non-fiction:  Definitely The Radium Girls by Kate Moore.

Fiction:  Atlanta Burns by Chuck Wendig.  I’m going through a Wendig phase 😉

  • Name three things you do well.

I’d like to think that (1)writing is one of them! 😄

I’m also great at (2)sticking with things until I learn them, and (3)making Puerto Rican stewed beans 😊

  • How do you relax?

Lately I’ve been enjoying baths and chilling with a copy of Writer’s Digest.  Oh, or binge-watching Buffy or Charmed 😘

  • What is your favorite movie?

Tank Girl.  It is absolutely ridiculous and dystopian and deliciously 90s.

I love cheesy movies.  Mystery Men and Guardians of the Galaxy come to mind too.

  • Tell me a little bit about your home town.

Part of my childhood was in Puerto Rico, but I was too young to remember much.

Then we moved to a small town in Florida that had lots of poverty and a growing pill problem.  The kind of town that sinks its teeth into you and pulls you down like quicksand.  I sometimes gather inspiration for my writing from its gritty sadness.

(I moved away asap, at age 17.)

  • If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

I would have to say a giraffe.  They are strange and graceful, and have beautiful eyelashes 😉 I like that mix of strange and beautiful!

  • What quality do you admire most?

Strong values unattached to any religion.  I love when a person is honest, hard-working, and compassionate, just because they want to be 😌

  • What’s your favorite hobby?

Right now I’m into bellydancing.  World Dance New York has some really fun, easy, and awesome bellydance workouts and instructional videos ✌❤

🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜

My nominations for this award are:

(Sorry there aren’t more ~ I’m a little new to WordPress.)

Here are my questions for you:

  1. What inspired you to begin a blog?
  2. What life advice would you give a young person?
  3. What keeps you motivated each day?
  4. What do you collect?
  5. What is your favorite song?
  6. Do you have a daily routine?
  7. What’s a negative experience you believe everyone should have, at least once?
  8. What’s your favorite non-fiction book?
  9. What’s your favorite fiction book?
  10. What is something you’ve always wanted to learn to do?

Well, I hope I did this right 😋  Thanks for taking the time to read!

Write on,

Yari Garcia

🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜


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  1. There’s a belly dancing class my friends been asking me to join. While I love the actual dancing, the idea of showing off my stomach puts me right off. 😖
    Loved your answers. And you did it perfectly.

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