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One-Hour Blocks of Focus

Today’s blog is a super quick one, with one helpful tip for writing.

Um, yes, if you read the title, you got it 😝  But read on to know exactly how it works.

Lately I’ve been a bit of a scatterbrain, yet I know that focus is so very important for writing, writing quality, and getting-stuff-done!

I set a timer.  “For one hour, I will focus ON NOTHING BUT THIS ONE THING.”

book-2775281_1920.pngNo checking the phone, no answering the Hangouts.  Just the ONE THING.

And magic happened 🌟  I was able to do an insane amount of school work (and writing) in just one hour.  Actually, the hour seemed to go by pretty fast.

And the quality of the work was much better than what I’ve been seeing during non-focused chunks of time.

Ack!  I got it!!  I finally found a way to (1) be in the moment, (2) focus, (3) fall easily into flow, and (4) produce higher quality work.

Try it!  It might surprise you 😉

Write on,


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