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4 Active Hashtags for Writers

Hi!  If you’re a writer & on Twitter, you’re going to love these hashtags ❤ These aren’t just any normal hashtags.

These hashtags are scheduled every week!  They’re a great opportunity to meet other authors, like-minded people, and your potential readers.

~ Twitter Hashtags ~

1. #WritersPatch ~ hosted by @PatchworkNerd

writerspatch.PNGThis is a fantastic Q&A hashtag where writers come together to discuss writing.  Topics include drafting, writing habits, and much more.  This is a great way to see what works for other budding authors and to share your thoughts.

2. #WritersLifeChat ~ hosted by @JessieIngold

This one is also a Q&A format where writers get to answer specific questions.  It works like a survey, where you get to talk a little more about yourself.  This hashtag is awesome for giving and receiving advice.

3. #storycrafter ~ hosted by @Writerology


I found out about #storycrafter recently and asked if I could join.  The host, Faye Kirwin, was extremely nice and said everyone is welcome!

I’ve not partaken in this active hashtag (yet), but so far I see some very interesting questions!

What sets this Q&A hashtag apart is the questions– they seem so profound.  You really gotta dig in deep to answer these!

4. #ThursdayAesthetic ~ hosted by @literarilyjess

Okay, you’re going to love this one!  This hashtag was accidentally started by Jessica James, and it has caught on like wildfire.  It’s still for writers, but it’s a lot more visual.

The concept is simple ~ find pictures that match the aesthetic of your story (topics vary by week), put them on a collage, and share them!  The results are beautiful visual works that represent the writer’s story.  Check out this beautiful example by @writerlyndall

example 1Do you have any active tags that you like to participate in?  Share them with us in the comments! ✌😊

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