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Writing What You Want vs Writing in Genre

The “vs” is a little misleading in this title, because it truly isn’t one or the other, is it?

Taking writing classes, this topic inevitably comes up.  What type of writing do you want to do?  Literary?  Genre?  SciFi?  Romance?  Mystery?

A lot of fellow students have already decided ~ usually ScFfi & fantasy are popular, some choose literature, and there’s the students that go… genre?  Can’t I just write?

nature-2798392_1920You sure can 😚

In my humble, beginner’s opinion, I think it’s best to just write what you want.  If there’s a story in you, write it down, care for it, edit it, and finish it.  Write what you want, from the heart, the way you want to write it.

The question of “which genre” won’t go away, though.

writing pen notebookIt’s like a gnat that keeps coming back, and it’s an important gnat, especially when it’s time to query and publish.  You’ll need to know who to query to, and where your book fits in the market.

For me, it’s been easier to write and then see where my story fits.  Not find a genre and then try to fit my story into it.

Not long ago, I stuck to teen paranormal romance.  Everything had to fit.  And eventually I became bored.  I stopped writing, mostly because I was trying to shove stories into a genre instead of seeing what happened naturally.

The more I write now and the more I add my heart into my stories, the more I see that I like writing YA/NA realistic fiction with ethical issues.  I’m having fun writing!  I’m no longer trying to make something fit, but letting it flow.

So, here’s the main takeaways!

  • Don’t try to shove yourself into a genre.

  • Write what you like, what you love, what you are passionate about.

  • And write lots of it!

  • And then see where it fits.

That is working wonderfully for me, and I hope it works for you as well.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Lmk in the comments 😘

Write on,


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6 thoughts on “Writing What You Want vs Writing in Genre

    1. You are very welcome! 😘 As beginner writers, I think experimenting is good. Who knows, you might enjoy the challenge of staying within genre, or you might love the freedom of writing straight from the heart 😊
      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! ✌

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  1. You have to write what you love or else you’ll quit writing when the going gets tough. You’ll be uninspired to push through edits & revisions. You need passion for perseverance. I think I’m telling myself more than anyone else. 😬

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