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2 Tools to Get Your Focus Back!

If you’re unfocused, it will show in your novel ~ through plot holes, inconsistencies, and lackluster writing.

Writing is my passion, but I also understand it is hard work.  Writing a novel is a mix of weee sliding down the water slide fun moments 😃 and omg editing this chapter for the umpteenth time moments 😣  To deal with the hard work of writing a novel, focus is needed.

Here are 2 tools that I use that will help you get your focus back for those 😣😣😣 parts of writing:


buffer logo.pngYou want to focus on writing your novel, but you also need to keep up with your social media presence.  Instead of taking breaks from your novel all day to check SM, schedule your posts with Buffer.

With Buffer you can schedule your social media posts.  Schedule and forget it ~ and go work on your novel!

I’ve been using Buffer for quite some time with very satisfying results.  I schedule posts and only log into social media every few days to reply to my followers.  It’s super user-friendly and it will give you full control of your social media ~ instead of it controlling you!

Link 👉 Buffer


BlockSite LogoI consider myself a person of willpower, but boy oh boy, websites like Reddit and Twitter and YouTube can be so much fun 😂  “I’ll just check it real quick,” I say, only to realize three hours have gone by.

BlockSite is the furrowed-brow’d friend that tells you “No.  We’ve got work to do.”

Adding and removing websites is super simple, and it even comes in app form to block apps on your phone.  I block sites/apps for my writing hours.  Before, all these fun sites were like gnats fighting for my attention.  Now, they can wait.

Link 👉 BlockSite

I hope these two tools help you dive deeper into your novel ~ If you have any tips or tools, let us know in the comments!

Write on,


🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜


8 thoughts on “2 Tools to Get Your Focus Back!

  1. There are so many distractions in this world it’s amazing we get anything done. It’s coming to the point where most of us will need to hire out personal assistance. Wait!!! Not a bad idea. 🙂

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  2. That blocker sounds great. Omg I love buffer, it has been a life saver as I hate social media and I find it so hard to deal with. Knowing j can schedule week’s of posts make it so much easier

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