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#FiveFavesFriday: Odd Writing Tips

Hi!  Let’s get weird! 😋 I’ve picked up these odd writing tips over the years, from various different sources.  After (hesitantly) trying them out, I found that they work pretty well.

Here are 5 odd writing tips!

1. Keep a Notebook in the Bathroom

cat toilet paperWe don’t want to think about the icky things other people do in the bathroom, but hey, now you know!  Forget the iPhone, forget reading the shampoo bottle.  Bring in a notebook instead.

Catch your ideas on paper, no matter how bad they are (more on this later).

Make a haiku.  Write alternate scenes.  I suppose how much writing gets done really depends on you 😐 Regardless, even a little bit counts!

2. Spy on Conversations

Solely for research purposes, of course 😉 Notice how people outside your circle of friends talk to each other.

Is one person engaged while the other non-committal?  Does the person talk normally, or do they use internet slangs like Oh Em Gee, audibly saying lulz, or using terms like snowflake/pawned/wasted?

This exercise is great for getting out of that rut of all characters sounding the same (been there!).

3. Have Your Character Write a Journal

Angela Chase thoughtsThis is one I started doing recently.  My WIP is very personal and a very tight 1st person point of view.  I needed to know more about this girl, my protagonist, outside of the story setting… so I had her start a journal.

I began writing her thoughts about what had happened to her in the previous scene.

It’s been fun ~ like I get to write Angela Chase’s inner thoughts 😊 Only the audience may or may not get these pages.  What they will get, hopefully, is a fully formed character.  I guess we’ll see!

4. Observe Physical Features Beyond Eye Color

I love when authors add little odd details about characters, even if they are brief, side-characters.  It can make the scene memorable or just plain entertaining.  It can break the monotony of “Everything looks totally normal here.  Yep.  No flaws to be seen.”

Here’s two examples that I’ve written:

His nose was an angry-red mess of broken capillaries and blackhead craters.

The weight of her earring stretched her earlobe down, until I thought the thing would just slice right through like butter.

Not the prettiest, but definitely catches the eye 😏 Observe the little imperfections that we all have, and jot them down!  Here’s more examples.

5. Write Badly

spongebob writingGo on, do it.  It was a dark and snory night.  The crickets chirped their chirping chirps… 😬 Writing badly is like opening an old tap and clearing all the funk out.  It is also about the habit of writing.

To use the tap metaphor, when you write badly you clear the tap, and clearing the tap prevents blocks!  Writing blocks! 😁

Writing badly also gets you into the habit of writing without censoring yourself, writing daily, and writing at your scheduled time.  And yes, in the midst of all the writing you don’t particularly love, you will find gems 😊

Got any odd tips you’d recommend?  Share them in the comments!  I love weird 😝

Write on,


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11 thoughts on “#FiveFavesFriday: Odd Writing Tips

  1. These were all great tips! My favorite was keeping a journal for your character. I’ve been thinking that I can get to know my MCs a little better, and this sounds like an awesome idea. I think my favorite weird-ish tip is to rewrite every word. So when I’m taking my edits from my printed out novel to a computer file, I don’t just type in corrections, I retype everything. It helps me pick each word intentionally and thoughtfully.

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  2. I like and agree with all of these. One thing that I do to get inspiration is to go digging in history. Today, for example, I got some inspiration for plot from a special on the French Revolution. Whoo!

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  3. Keep a notebook by your bed too if you are going to keep one in the bathroom 😉

    If you write something and don’t really like it; set it aside for 3-4 days, then work on editing.

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  4. Great tips! I have written stories around secondary characters, usually in first person, but I have never written a journal as the character. I will have to try that. I also liked the writing badly tip. I can see how that would be like cleaning out the taps. If I was to add one I would say use your cellphone. I have made voice memos when I am out and about. It comes in really handy when you don’t have a paper and pen.

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