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#FiveFavesFriday: Confusing Words

Oh, how I love to hate these words 😝 These words always keep me on my toes, making me pay attention in the editing stages of writing.

You might recognize some of these and shake your fist at the sky!

1. Isle vs Aisle

I double-checked and these two words are pronounced exactly the same.  So it’s no wonder that when we want our character to walk down the aisle, we might accidentally send them to a lonely isle instead.

A good way to remember which is which is to see isle as beginning with is- as in island.

With these (and all other words) you can always do a search on your Word document to make sure you got all the correct words 😉

2. Weather vs Whether

blazing-2024298_640I swear I had these two down, until a teacher did a confusing exercise with weather & whether, and now it’s all jumbled up in my mind.  Thanks a lot! 😅

Whether you’re speaking of the weather or whether or not these words are confusing, a good way to remember which is which is…

Weather words such as wind, water, winter, and walking on a sunny day don’t have an after w.

I hope that helps!

3. Past vs Passed

I’m pretty good with this one, but not great.  Sometimes instead of walking past, my character walks passed.  There’s no fun, easy way to remember this, so let’s get technical.

Past is an adverb (or noun).  Passed is a verb.  So if you have walked in the sentence, you already have a verb, so there’s no need to use passed, another verb.  Example, you can do:

makeup-484257_19202I walked past the makeup display.


I passed by the makeup display.

But “I walked passed the makeup display” is using two verbs.  Eh, still a bit confusing, but that’s English!

4. Breath vs Breathe

The little at the end makes these two sound different, and also mean different things.  In writing, it’s easy to mix breath and breathe as we type away our suspenseful plot at breakneck speed.

An easy way to remember these is that the at the end makes the eeee sound, like sighing, or breathing.

Catch your breath, begin to breathe again, we can tackle these confusing words!

5. Coma vs Comma

tenorComa and comma are the bane of my existence 😆 I never, ever get these right, no matter how hard I try.  A coma is a state of unconsciousness, a comma is (,).  So, let’s see if we can find a solution, once and for all…

It takes more work to write than to sleep, so add another for a comma!

Ugh, not great.  Any ideas on this one? LoL 😄

Cord, chord… There, their, they’re… Which are your confusing words?  Share in the comments!

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