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New Release: Living Free of Alcohol (Nonfiction)

😊 Hello!  It is with a super happy heart that I share with you my new release, Living Free of Alcohol.

This is a nonfiction book about my experiences with alcoholism, sobriety, and breaking the relapse cycle.

LivingFreeOfAlcohol eBook Cover 1All throughout my 20’s, I suffered a lot due to alcoholism.  Now I want to encourage others to live a sober life.  Sobriety CAN be achieved, and sobriety can give us a brand new life.

In this book I give support and encouragement, and I share my own experiences of struggle, relapse, and finally triumph.

Included are exercises that worked for me, that may help others on their path to sobriety.  I give readers a “heads up” on the issues that tripped me up so that they can be aware of them and avoid them.

Also included are resources and a list of frequently asked questions about both getting and staying sober.

I offer this book on:

Amazon Kindle $2.99

Amazon Paperback $9.99

B&N Nook $2.99

Also available on iBooks and other ebook stores.  And because I know that alcoholism can ruin finances, I also offer the book free through my page on Smashwords.

Thanks for taking a peek at this blog post, and as always…

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8 thoughts on “New Release: Living Free of Alcohol (Nonfiction)

  1. I’m really looking forward to reading this. I’m just over a year sober after 13 years of alcoholism. I’m currently training as a recovery worker now. The very best of luck with your book!

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    1. Congratulations on such a milestone! I was very excited after my first year 100% sober. It was after the one-year mark that I started to see some really profound and healthy changes in me, so I hope the same goes for you.

      I am super proud of your achievement, my friend. Keep it up 🙂 And thank you!

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      1. Thanks so much, Yari! There are some amazing things happening now. I’ve been training as an addiction recovery worker and am close to being employed. I’ve also gone back to writing again. A recovery book and a novel are now being written. Congratulations on your sobriety and all your writing, Yari. You’re very talented. Very proud of you 🙂

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