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What I’m Reading, What I’m Writing…

📚 Hello, hello! 📚

This week is a busy one for me.  I’ve reached the difficult point in my novel.  You know the one… where you have to look at the boring, technical parts of it, re-read everything, consider whether to expand or take out a scene…

It’s my least favorite part of the writing process, so of course, I suddenly have a lot to do 😂 Laundry and cleaning the house and writing a song and maybe even learning a different language!

My answer to this is to focus on a few fun things.  Balance.

While I won’t give in to learning Italian or writing the next pop hit, I can make sure that I throw a little fun in the mix (while giving myself plenty of time to work on my novel).  So here is what I’m reading, what I’m writing, what I’m listening to!

What I’m Reading

I picked up the book The Church of Small Things by Melanie Shankle and I just couldn’t do it.  It was Wheel of Fortune type jokes every other sentence.  And while that’s fun sometimes, I’m just not in the mood.  So instead, I’m reading…

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp


A dare to live fully, right where you are is the subtitle, and this book is absolutely beautiful.  I don’t think I’ve ever read a nonfiction with such wonderful prose.  The writing is beautiful, the story profound, and I am just loving it!

What I’m Writing

This is the reason why I am finding new hobbies like they’re going out of style 😁 It’s my novel.  It’s a genre I have never written before, so it is scary and exciting.

A Firefighter Hero for Her

A Firefighter Hero for Her Book Cover

I’m also finally using all this southern vernacular that I grew up surrounded by!  I moved from a tropical island to Middle of Nowhere Surrounded by Woods, Florida as a preteen.  I’ve since moved to places like LA and Houston, but the rich culture sure stayed with me.

What I’m Listening

To.  What I’m listening to 😋 I’ve been trying to find faith-based podcasts, because they are so inspiring for me.  I didn’t think much of this one at first glance.  Less than 15 minutes per episode?  But wow!  She packs so much into those 15!  The podcast is…

The Next Right Thing with Emily P. Freeman


It is professionally done, her voice is lovely, and the background music fades in and out at just the right moments.  She is concise, and each episode gives you a lot to think about.

Super helpful, yet brief… perfect for a busy writer!

Do you give yourself some leeway to stay focused and avoid procrastination?  If so, share your tips in the comments!

Write on,


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