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5 Blogging Ideas

I write once a week on this blog, and three times per week on my personal Kindness & Calm blog. And while I believe that creativity is infinite, sometimes it’s hard to tap into ideas.

So here are 5 blogging ideas to get your started~ or to help you burst out of that writing block!

1. Tell Us About You

It’s your blog, after all. And while many people are interested in your writing (or blog topic), it’s also really cool to know about the person behind the blog!

About me: I love my dog! πŸ˜‹

Tell us who you are, your favorite foods, your fun quirks, your nostalgic memories.

WordPress blogging is a great way to build a community based on your interests, ideas, beliefs, and opinions. So don’t be shy! Show the world who you are 😊

2. Feature Your Book

Many people, indie writers included, get really uncomfortable when it comes time to self-promote and share your work. But please, do. That’s what we’re here for.

Tell us what your book is about, why you wrote it, and where we can buy it.

For bonus cool points: Give us any behind-the-scenes details, such as the inspiration for the work or what was going on in your life as you wrote it. Always include direct links! You’d be surprised how many times I’ve wanted to buy an indie book, but just couldn’t find it.

3. Feature Your Favorite Book

If you don’t have a book published yet, that’s okay. We’d love to hear about the books that inspire you! Tell us about your favorite book or books.

Tell us what you’re reading, the book that changed your life, or the book that actually made you cry.

Most writers love to read as well, myself included. So if you have a book that you love, I want to hear about it! 😊 And if the book is not a bestseller or a well-known one~ that’s even better. I love finding hidden gems.

4. Tell Us About a Movie You Love

Writing is all about stories. And while we may not be in the business of screenwriting, we are still in the business of story-telling. Movies are a great way to reach many people, simply because they are popular.

What was it about the plot and characters that made it so great? What elements of the movie would you love to add to your writing?

When you tell us your favorite movies, you tell us about you~ what you love, what plot-lines you find interesting, and what genres fascinate you.

5. Share a Piece of Your Writing

I actually haven’t done this one in a while, but will be doing more in 2019. You don’t have to wait until your book is on the shelves to share your writing.

Show us some of your poetry, short stories, or essays.

Allow us to get acquainted with your writing. Give us a glimpse of who you are as an author. Post something on your blog that you have shared nowhere else before.

I hope these ideas help you and get you started πŸ˜‰

Take care and write on,


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  1. Lovely advice! Really useful tips for upcoming bloggers ❀
    I've linked to your blog in my latest Mystery Blogger Award – hopefully it'll get more readers interested in some great new blogs πŸ˜€

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  2. Thanks for the tip especially about adding a link to your book. Sometimes it’s the little things you overlook. I am due to publish in the next couple of weeks so this is especially poignant.

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