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My Social Media Rules

Hello, fellow writers and aspiring authors! I’d like to share with you how I manage to blog here 4 times a month, and on my Kindness & Calm blog 3 times a week AND still find time to write my novel and interact with people online.

Phew! So much stuff, right?

Here are the simple things that allow me to get a lot done:

1. Prioritize the Right Interactions

We know there are trolls, then there’s also the back-handed compliments and softly-spoken insults. There’s the people hitting on you and the nay-sayers. I skip all those and…

No face, no reply.

I never reply to faceless online accounts.

Sometimes when the comment is positive (or if I know the person), I’ll Like or Reply, but usually, if someone hasn’t taken the time to put their face on their account, it means they don’t want to be connected to what they do or say online. Um, fishy.

2. I Always Reply to Followers

I have become much better at this recently. If someone is following my blog(s) or Instagram, I always make sure that I reply to their comments.

This shows appreciation for following and taking the time to comment.

If you check out your blog stats, there is a big discrepancy between views (a high number) and comments (a much lower number). So when someone takes the time to reply, it means a lot to me!

3. I Have No Twitter

About two years ago I did the math, and my combined Tweets were the same word count as a trilogy… and yet I have no trilogy. That deeply bothered me.

No, thanks.

Twitter is a roller coaster I have no time for, and it feels like a part-time job (to me).

To be real honest, I just don’t care for Twitter. It was a headache and took up too much of my writing time with little payoff. This blog is much more enjoyable and I love the people here!

4. I Let Posts Pile Up

For instance, if I take 4 gorgeous photos, I won’t post them all on Instagram the same day. Why? Because then I’ll want to take more and post more, and that fragments my writing time.

I only post on my social media at certain times, and schedule my blogs 1-2 months ahead of time.

I NEED 6 hour blocks of time for writing, at least 4 times per week, and if I’m too worried about what I’m going to post next, that’s just distracting. To fall into “flow” or “deep work,” I always have a little stash of things I can post anytime.

5. One Last Major Rule!!

This is important because I write it as a follower and as a reader. Here it goes…

Pay attention to the people who always comment/like/follow… and NOT the brand-new troll.

He said WHUUUUT?

Oooh it’s so itchy to let a snide remark just sit there, isn’t it? But here’s what makes me UNFOLLOW people:

When I have followed someone for years and they never reply to my comments… but they take the time to extensively reply to trolls!! People who never cared nor have followed them ever!! (I’m looking at you, Sheryl Crow πŸ’”).

How would you feel if your favorite person ignored you but always answered idiots who couldn’t care less about their art? Think about it.

Never, ever do that. It’s yucky. I’ve unfollowed many people over that because… dude. Come on πŸ™„ I’m the one reading, following, buying, supporting your stuff. Hello?

Anyway, I hope that was fun for you to read and also helpful!

Do you give yourself rules to social media? What would you suggest that has worked for you? Let us know in the comments.

Write on,


🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜

20 thoughts on “My Social Media Rules

      1. I’ve thought about Instagram for my poetry and quotes and stuff, but it’s just something else to occupy my time. And not sure if it helps or hurts…

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    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the blog πŸ™‚ And maybe between books Twitter would be useful, but it can be a lot of work :-/ But it’s good to have your Twitter name (so no one else can take it), even if you’re not using it yet.


  1. This is fantastic advice! Love your take on it πŸ˜€
    Since dialling back my posts and keeping them to a consistent weekly schedule, I’ve found that my blogging has massively improved as I’ve got two or three months planned ahead of time – which lets me spend time on crafting new stories & keep them in reserve for posting anytime. So I’m not short of things to publish and can still make each one as best it can be.
    Hope your writing goes well! ❀

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  2. Great advice. I definitely need to take some of it. I used to be better at scheduling my blog and social media and staying on top of everything but recently it’s all crashed down and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

    Surprisingly, I actually enjoy Twitter (didn’t used to) but I started a writing game and have crested a mini writing community on there, which is why I feel happy dedicating my time to it. Facebook on the other hand, I find such a time suck so barely visit any more.

    I am super impressed with everything you get done.

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    1. Thanks, Ari! I also think it’s good to take a break at times. I hope your time of feeling overwhelmed ends soon… but know that we all feel that way at times. It happens.

      Twitter just never showed me what I wanted to see. Maybe my settings were all wrong? In any case, it’s good that you’ve found a way to make it work for you. It CAN be a great place to build a community πŸ™‚

      Thanks again, and take care my friend!

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  3. Thoughtful post. I don’t have a face to my blog. I’ll add a pic. That said, some orgs have their logo on their blog, Im cool with that, but somewhere there usually is a bio and or pic of the writer(s). Otherwise, i use my photo on other social media, sure. Never got into Twitter.
    And so true about replying to trolls, rather than genuine people, follows, fans, what have you. But sometimes I still reply, not knowing for sure if their questions/comments are genuine or facetious. I follow some blogs on here, and the same may follow me too, yet they never reply to my comments. It does surely urk me. At least they should respond with ‘thanks for your comment’, something, anything, rather than silence.
    I enjoy comments, engagement, but I receive few. If i cared more about likes and follows, I’d write for a broader audience. But I’m writing within a niche. And Im sure I need to add more hashtags to be found in the first place. In time. This is all still so new to me.
    My first aim is for me however, to develop as a writer and organize my thoughts clearly. Always a work in progress.

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    1. I shouldnt say all dont reply, some do, of course. And those who dont, never have. But they reply to some other comments, I see. Meh… What can you do? Dont trouble yourself to comment to them anymore. All they wanna do is have a little fun before they die, eh Sheryl Crow?

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      1. LoL πŸ™‚ Replies are always appreciated, though they don’t often happen. And I understand. Sometimes I’ll quickly like (star) a comment, then come back when I have more time to reply. It all depends on if you’re always being ignored. Radio silence can be a bit eerie on blogs πŸ€”

        I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! Take care,

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  4. I enjoyed reading through your posts especially this one. I found the tips particularly useful especially replying to followers. My face is not on my profile but rest assured it’s not for a nefarious reason. I’m proud of my blog posts and would never play the role of a troll.

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