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6 Ways a Kindle is More Convenient

Hello, fellow book-sniffers! I know, I know. Old physical books smell good 😝 I hear people repeating “real books are better” so often that I thought it was time to praise the eBook!

Here are 5 ways and situations where the Kindle (or any e-reader) can be much more convenient than hardbacks or paperbacks:

1. When the book is too thick

I was thrilled to read The Order of the Phoenix, Sophie’s World, and Life of Pi. So thrilled, in fact, that halfway through, I didn’t realize I was hurting my fingers trying to hold the thick paperbacks open!

Some hands are sensitive ❀

When a paperback is super-thick, Kindle helps those with smaller hands, arthritic hands, or just hands!

I cannot stress this enough for people with arthritic hands. Too often, people would return books to Barnes & Noble (where I worked) because holding them open very much hurt their hands. And that sucks.

2. When the book is too heavy

One of these days, I’m going to just buy A Team of Rivals on Kindle. I’ve been trying to read the book forever, but my hardcover copy is too heavy and clunky.

When a hardcover copy is too heavy to cozy up with, try the Kindle version.

I’m very much a snuggle on the bed or under blankets on my couch type of reader, but not all books are cuddle-friendly πŸ˜‚ When a book is pretty giant, I just opt for the eBook version.

3. When travelling or moving

A few years ago I moved to Houston, and let me tell you, the only things I had trouble packing were books. My many, many, many books! I had to sell a ton of them 😒

Moving books is a pain!

When you’re on-the-go, you can rest assured that you won’t lose your Kindle books.

All my Kindle books survived, and carrying heavy boxes of books truly allowed me to appreciate eBook technology. Thank you, Kindle!

4. When trying to save money

I love to put bestsellers on my Amazon wishlist, because most of them eventually go down in price ($1.99 or $0.99!). I don’t want to spend $14.99 on a book I may not read until 2 months down the line.

Kindle daily and monthly deals are a great way to read as much as you want while staying on budget.

I was also gifted Kindle Unlimited, so I get to read books for free each month. Through KU, I read all of the Lord of the Rings (including The Hobbit) and a ton of other classics. Not to mention cool new indie stuff!

5. When studying

I love, love, love that my college offered textbooks in eBook format! Those babies are HUGE! But with my Kindle app, I could take them anywhere– because they were right in my phone.

Bring your giant textbooks anywhere!

With the Kindle app, I could whip out an eBook textbook anywhere and study.

Super-convenient and super-helpful. If I got stuck in line or my ride got stuck in traffic, that was simply study-time, baby πŸ˜‰

6. When you have limited mobility or a handicap

Libraries lend out eBooks now, so if you don’t have a car, or if you have limited mobility, you can just “borrow” books from the library right where you are!

eBooks are easy to get, easy to move, easy to hold.

With a Kindle, you can browse and buy books right from the Kindle, so you don’t even have to move to the PC. This is incredibly convenient for someone who is wheelchair bound or who has trouble making it to the library or bookstore.

7. One more! Kindle is great for the elderly

They may have arthritic hands or limited mobility, as I mentioned, but I noticed something interesting while working at Barnes & Noble.

Larger print, for free.

Large-print books are more expensive, bigger, and heavier than a Kindle or e-reader.

My heart always broke when I took older people to the large-print section, and they saw the higher prices, the giant books, and the limited topics (one shelf, literally). Many older people are on a fixed income and with a Kindle, they can adjust the text size at no extra cost! They also have a wider variety of topics to choose from.

Just teach them how the device works, keep your phone around in case they need extra help, and you’re good to go! (As the technology gap begins to close with newer generations, even that will become less of an issue.)

A Kindle is really a great gift for those with special needs, so I’m always sad that people cannot see its great advantages. It’s all “paperbacks smell better.” πŸ˜₯

Yeah, yeah, your paper copies smell great. But if you’re reading a great book, it makes you forget what you’re even holding!

Some great books even make me forget it’s 3am and I should sleep! 🀣 So don’t turn your nose up at the Kindle just yet. They can be very helpful to different people.

Read on, no matter what on,


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24 thoughts on “6 Ways a Kindle is More Convenient

  1. I am a proud Kindle convert and I can’t agree more enough. E-books are more convenient when reading on the go (bus, train, chalet in the hills, whatever) or even home if the paperback would be more than 200 pages. When I was still a student, Kindle was a lifesaver when a middle-of-the-day lecture was suddenly canceled, creating a 2-hr void. Plus, as someone who reads in English while living in a non-English country, the postage would probably ruin me with physical books. Not to mention the existence of an endless pile of e-book exclusive indie books.

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  2. Totally – Kingdom of Ash comes to mind. That book was so heavy! It hurt my hands to hold, and I don’t have arthritis of a handicap. I prefer physical books, but when the book is awkwardly formatted (too heavy, too thin, or when the font’s too small/big) ebooks are better.

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  3. Great advice! They’re so handy to use, cheap and easy to use with such a great library of indie books by new upcoming writers. πŸ˜€ Lovely to find such creative artists out there!

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  4. I am reading and commenting right now from my kindle…I was an anti ereader…and switching jobs and lack of resources made it veri inconvenient to carry any book in my already filled back pack…I debated for a while and researched the pros n cons of a kindle and for the holidays 3 yrs ago I gifted myself a kindle fire….I took to it like water on a duck…it was such a natural fit I can’t even imagine how I got along with out it on every level….thank you for advocating for this important device that really is revolutionary….and ALL of your points are justified 😊

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    1. That is so cool that you’re commenting from the Kindle! I got a Fire not too long ago, and it is basically my tablet πŸ™‚ So convenient! I’m glad you’ve become a Kindle believer πŸ˜‰


  5. Great points, there is definitely a place for my kindle and for real books.
    I do prefer holding an actual novel, there’s something satisfying about knowing I’m halfway through, or that I only have a few pages left.
    I don’t get that with a kindle.
    The other advantage of reading from a kindle is that people have no idea what your reading, that’s great for when I’m going through a PNR phase.
    My old kindle use to dictate the novels, all be it in a weird computerised voice, but I could listen to books as I walked the dog, or did the dishes. I wish my new kindle had that feature.

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    1. I believe the newest Kindle Paperwhite is/will (not sure for the actual release date, sorry) support Bluetooth headphones and thus audiobooks. At the cost of battery life compared to ‘just reading’, of course.

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  6. I have to admit I love real books and I love my Kindle. I’ve even been known to buy a book on my Kindle and then go and buy the “real book” because I liked it so much! Here’s another reason I like my Kindle: I just finished reading the book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”. The author, Nabeel Qureshi, uses a lot of big words that I was unfamiliar with. With the Kindle, I simply hold down the word and the definition pops up! Easy as pie! BTW, it is an amazing, wonderful story!

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    1. That sounds like such an interesting book! I do love real books as well, but the Kindle has those super-convenient features πŸ™‚ Plus, you can take notes without ruining the book.

      I hope you have a blessed week!

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