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5 MORE Blogging Ideas

You can never have too many ideas, right? 😝 And the beautiful thing is that, even if we all wrote these same exact topics, we would still have vastly different posts!

So here are 5 more blogging ideas you can use whenever!

1. Tell us your favorite song or album

We all love music, and we all have different music tastes. And on the internet, you can find a variety of new and unique music. Gone are the days when we only listened to the Top 100! Chances are, some people have not heard of your favorite music.

Bonus points if the song/album tells a story!

Tell us about the song/album that drives your writing, your life. Tell us why you love it so much. Share a YouTube link or embed the video. Oh, and if you have any songs that have inspired your writing, that is really cool! Tell us!

2. What non-writing books have influenced your writing?

Writers often blog about writing-related books, or fiction books in their genre. Well, how about something completely unrelated that has helped you?

I’ll tell you mine: Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy 😄

I have a few others, such as Deep Work by Cal Newport, and I’ll definitely make a blog about it soon. In the meantime, feel free to take this idea and run with it! It’s always fun to let your readers know what has influenced your writing over time.

3. List the best and worst writing advice you’ve ever gotten

This is always a fun one! Let your readers know what advice you received that has helped you… and what advice left you thinking are you kidding me??

When done in a non-critical way, these types of post can have us all cracking up 😄

I say “non-critical,” because it’s never cool to make fun of others when they’re trying to help. But we’ve all received really good and really bad advice, and sharing that is fun. Which brings me to…

4. “Sh*t Writers Say” and “Sh*t People Say to Writers” are always fun posts

These type of posts are relatable to other writers, and (when done non-critically) can be pretty hilarious.

We can laugh at the things that would otherwise offend us.

Do you know how many times I hear “Oh, self-publishing. So, not a real author, then?” 😂 I mean, I can get offended, or laugh it off. Let’s laugh it off, shall we?

5. Tell us your writing habits!

Give us your seeeecrets! What’s the magic formula that gets your butt in the chair and your fingers typing each and every day? What helps you concentrate? How do you function as a writer??

Share your quirks and preferences! Your blog is your time to show us your personality!

Sharing your writing habits will give your readers an idea of who you are and how you tick. It also gives other writers ideas for their own habits. So don’t be shy!

Here are 5 other blogging ideas, in case you missed them 😉

Take care and write on,


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    1. I hope you share it with us! Those are always pretty out there 😝

      One that I can remember is “YA novels can’t be very long, because kids don’t reach much.” And then the Harry Potter series came out. LoL I used to read a ton as a kid, so I don’t know what they were talking about.

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