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#FiveFavesFriday: Eye-Catching Book Titles

Have you ever been browsing for books, and suddenly, a book title just catches your eye like a tiny fish hook? Isn’t that the best??

I wish I had the ability to come up with attention-grabbing titles! 😭 And maybe with some practice, I’ll be able to. But for now, here are…

5 Eye-Catching Book Titles!

1. The Wife Between Us

By Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.

I never realized a 4-word title could say SO MUCH. This title packs a punch, because it hints at affairs, broken hearts, deception, malice… Going only by the title, this story could really go anywhere. I also love how the cover almost blends the two women together.

2. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

By Jonas Jonasson.

Such an unlikely thing to happen… or is it? Why did he climb out the window instead of walking out the door? Where did he disappear to? Is the man really 100?? What is going on??? This is actually one of my favorite books, and yep. The title is exactly what happens!

But I do recommend anything by Jonas Jonasson. He’s amazing 💓

3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

By Seth Grahame-Smith.

I use this book as an example of many things, because it’s my favorite 😊 This book title caught my eye because it promised a mix of history and action-packed fiction. Plus, I love anything vampire-slayer (I’m a huge Buffy fan!) and the book did deliver.

This one also had a really neat original cover:

4. What My Mother Doesn’t Know

(Poetry) By Sonya Sones.

This title feels so… tongue-in-cheek. Especially since it is a YA book. When you’re a teen and your mother doesn’t know something… chances are, that is some juicy stuff! I like how the title implies playful naughtiness and a very youthful (albeit rebellious) vibe.

5. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

By Gregory Maguire.

Nobody thinks much about the ugly stepsisters. Fairy tales are not about the ugly stepsister. But this book title says “No, it IS about the stepsister!” And there are always two sides to a story…

Also, any book that contains the word “confession” is just steeped in mystery. Confession? They’re confessing to what?

Well, those are just five of my faves! Coming soon: Eye- Catching Titles Non-fiction Edition! 😝

Be honest-
Have you ever bought a book just by the title?

Let us know in the comments!

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Also… thanks so much for everyone reading and taking part in this blog! It is so much fun to have you here, and I appreciate you!

9 thoughts on “#FiveFavesFriday: Eye-Catching Book Titles

  1. Oh yeah! Couple of times, in fact! Some books have attention grabbing titles that just make you want to read them like your life depends on it. I remember getting R.L Stine’s “Give Yourself Goosebumps” simply because of the title.

    I haven’t read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but I’ve a watched a movie with the exact title. And if the book is anything like the movie I saw, then it’s to die for!

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    1. R.L. Stine is awesome! The Goosebumps series was super popular when I was in middle school. So much nostalgia!

      The movie was super fun, but the book was beautifully written. I hope you get to read it sometime 🙂

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