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3 Non-Spam Ways to Advertise Your Book

Hello and happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! πŸ’

We’ve all come across people online trying to sell stuff. And while there is nothing wrong with that, some people can be pretty pushy, spammy, and in-your-face. Yuck. So let’s explore less invasive ways of saying “Hello, world! Here is my book!”

1. Blog about your inspiration/reason for writing the book.

Your blog is all about you. It’s the place where you can shamelessly shine the spotlight on yourself. But instead of just saying “Here it is– buy it,” you can engage your audience by sharing something meaningful with us.

Your inspiration for writing the book adds meaning and depth, and it’s so cool to get the “behind the scenes” scoop!

I did that with my book, Living Free of Alcohol. I explained how and why I wrote this non-fiction book in one month. It gave readers not only the “buy it” option, but a closer look at why I write and who I am.

2. Share the tools you used to self-publish your book.

I’m an indie, self-published author, doing everything on my own. Sometimes it’s difficult, so when I find something that works, I like to share it right away on my blog. If I can make the process easier for another indie author, I will!

Share how you did the cover art, or obtained an ISBN, or any other helpful info.

Other indie/independent/self-published authors will appreciate it. Through sharing, you not only connect with readers, but also with other writers.

3. Quote your book on Instagram (with pics).

One of my favorite authors does this, and it’s so effective! She’ll take a powerful-but-non-spoiler quote from her book and pair it with a character-inspired image.

These images look less like ads and more like beautiful posts.

I actually enjoy those type of Instagram posts. It offers me a little glimpse of the author’s writing style, and an image that adds aesthetic to the work.

A few more tips…

Add a Books section to your blog.

With a cover image, a short summary, and a direct link to where we can buy your book(s). This makes all your work easy to find.

On your About Me section, add a direct link to your latest book.

Feature your most recent book on your About Me section. A brief sentence and a link will do πŸ™‚

Share your awesome non-spam advertising ideas in the comments πŸ’“

Take care and may all your ads be wonderful and not spam!


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  1. Yes. I like having authors on my Twitter feed that are talking about their writing progress, cool words they’ve used, or interesting characters they’ve made. I’m a nerd for the whole writing/publishing process.

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