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My Brief Career in Comics That Ended With My Parents Being Called Into the Principal’s Office…

I once had a career in comic book writing, when I was six. I was prolific and popular ~ especially with my little friends. But this all ended when my parents were called into the principal’s office for a child welfare check…

Let’s back up a bit, but not much. When I was six I could read, and write, and draw, and I decided to do all of the above. I had a comic book series about a girl named Maxi. And… yes. Yes, I did get that name from the side of my mom’s maxi pad package… Hey, I was six.

Anyway, Maxi was a young girl and got into many fun adventures. But then things started getting stale, and I set Maxi aside. I wanted to write more compelling comics.

So I started writing action comics.

It was always a lot of gun fighting and at the end someone got rescued. It was a pretty simple formula that always worked.

My most famous (or infamous) story was a comic that can only be described as “fit for Law and Order SVU.”

BUT HEAR ME OUT! A bit of a spoiler, but the lady is rescued before anything happens.

So my comic gets passed around. The action scenes and character arcs were just too compelling! Or, maybe it was the fact that this particular comic was the first to feature bared breasts…

My teacher especially loved the story. I knew that, because she wanted to talk to me privately about it.

“Do you see this type of thing in your home a lot?” the teacher asked, pointing at the gun fight scene.

“Yep,” I said.

I mean, I did… on TV.

Not a day later, I was in the principal’s office with my mother and step father, both who were sweating profusely. The comic book was pulled out. I think, “They love it!” I felt like a star 🌟

But what happened next was that the star hurled down to earth, shattering my heart to pieces 🌠

They didn’t like my comic. They thought I was in danger at home, or troubled. My parents had to explain AND APOLOGIZE for my imagination. And worst of all…

I was not allowed to write action comics anymore.

The Aftermath and my Missed Opportunity to Write for Law and Order SVU at the Age of Six.

To be honest, I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I thought I had written a movie! It had a kidnapping, a hero blasting his way through, action, romance, and a daring rescue. And boobies!

None of this seemed to matter to the adults, and I was too young to vocalize why I had drawn that comic. And I got into a lot of trouble, so…

I never did draw again. Even Maxi didn’t make a comeback.

It would be years before I had the heart to write again. I started writing pre-teen angst poetry, inspired by these little religious poetry books we got in the mail. I hadn’t drawn in years, so I lost interest in that part of storytelling, but I found a new joy in telling stories through writing alone.

I began to write stories within poetry, and then short stories.

Around age fourteen, I wrote my first short story inspired by John Steinbeck’s The Pearl and other ironic works. It was called The Rings and I recently published it! You can check it out free on Nook or Smashwords (and other ebook stores).

And when I was sixteen, I was out in the world, on my own. I was too busy trying to survive to care what people thought of me, so I wrote and wrote without paying any mind to criticism. In 2011, I started self-publishing.

So here I am now πŸ™‚

I no longer write action, but maybe if Dick Wolf is interested, I could make an exception πŸ˜‰

My feet at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Do you have a story of how or why you started writing? Share with us in the comment or on your own blog post, I’d love to hear YOUR story! ❀️

Write on,


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29 thoughts on “My Brief Career in Comics That Ended With My Parents Being Called Into the Principal’s Office…

      1. So glad you’re enjoying my writing so far! You’ve been a massive inspiration for me restarting my blog & expressing myself through short stories – got a few different genres already up if any might interest you! πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. I wish I still had them! But no, they’ve been long gone 😦 I do have my first written short story, from when I was 13 or 14, and it has lots of sentimental value to me πŸ™‚


  1. This is hilarious! Now, when I was at that age, what was popular were cards with hockey players, so I was drawing that. It was one of the two things I could draw at not-awful level, the other one being Lego Bionicles later when I was 12 (and I lost these few comics during some spring cleaning).
    As for me getting to writing, that’s a longer (and a bit sad) story – I have the blog posts (had to split it into 4 as it’s around 3500 words total) drafted but it probably won’t be posted until late summer after it gets a few typo checks.

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      1. I’ve posted the first two parts of this ‘story’ the past two Sundays and the other two are coming in the next two Sundays if you’re still interested in how I got to writing πŸ™‚


  2. I loved this! My story isn’t nearly as interesting. When I was a teenager my best friend and I would make up horror stories to scare people and, also, I wrote short stories for school influenced by whatever piece of literature we were reading at the time. The teachers loved them and made me read them aloud to the class :0. That gave me the confidence to keep going.

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  3. I also made my own comics in school, and was also made to stop too, but because the teachers, the principal and my parents believed I wasn’t paying enough attention in class and we’re worried it would affect my grades. Glad you didn’t give up on writing though! Congrats on your book getting published!

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      1. I enjoy reading them more than making them now, but I wouldn’t count it out as a possibility =)
        Writing’s a big part of my life too. I just finished my first book and am shopping it around now!

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  4. We had something similar when my daughter was young. While she was outside during recess she was sprinkled powder from a small baby powder container onto snow in other kid’s hands. The recess monitor saw this and immediately drew the conclusion she was intimating someone on drugs. My daughter was sent to the principal who then called me. I was livid! And yelled at the principal. I couldn’t believe he was so stupid. He knew our family. We lived in the neighborhood. My father-in-law was on the school board. I marched myself over to the school and took my crying, destroyed daughter out of school for the rest of the day. It was a Friday so she didn’t have to go back til Monday and had time to recoup. There are times when schools drive me bonkers! Can you tell? 😀

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  5. Firstly, i laughed so loud with where you came up with Maxi’s name. It’s always grrat yo take a peek at how things were years ago. I’m sorry your foray into comics didn’t get yo continue though I guess the seriousness with which your school wanted to make sure you were ok is heartened.

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  6. enjoyable read

    maxi to the rescue!
    – extra long and with wings!

    good for you, that u could read and write at 6

    i still couldnt even get the alphabet straight then


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