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“About Me” Page in 3 Simple Steps

Should it be in 1st person or 3rd? A little or a lot? What exactly goes in your “About Me” section? πŸ€” If you’re stuck staring at a blank screen, unsure of what to write, here is a simple, minimalist 3-step process to have a beautiful About Me page!

First things first… or third?

Let’s first tackle how you’re going to write it. First person is “I” and third person is “he/she/they.” The most often used is 3rd person because it sounds more professional across all formats. But if you want to seem more personable or reachable, you can use “I.”

First person is ideal for a blog that you write and directly interact with your audience. Third person is most often used and has a professional sound.

Okay, now that’s out of the way. Let’s see step one!

1. Step One: Your Name and Title

You’re thinking “duh!” but I’m thinking if you did your About Me in 1st person, you might have forgotten to put in your name. Oops! Remember when writing “I” to include your author’s name in there somewhere πŸ˜‰

Who are you, in a few words? Are you an aspiring author, or indie author, or creative writer? Are you a blogger, poet, or dreamer?

Let your readers know in a few words who you are. Allow it to match your general mood/theme. For instance, Chuck Wendig is a pretty raunchy and funny author, so he often calls himself a “pen monkey.” Get creative!

2. Step Two: Accolades and/or Awards

Your “About Me” section is the place to toot your horn. Now, we don’t need a long list of achievements, but tell us a few things you’re proud of.

Some ideas are: blogger awards, college degrees, personal achievements, and nominations (even if you didn’t win, nominations count).

Think about what you’ve achieved, and don’t be shy. If you absolutely cannot think of anything, or if you’re a beginner in all things writing, that’s okay. Go ahead and skip to the third step.

3. Step Three: Fun Facts About You!

Think “Jeopardy!” when they come back from commercial and introduce each player. Each person gets the chance to say something cool about themselves. Why? Why do that??

Fun facts allow the reader to get to know a bit more about you, the person behind the writing. It gives them something to relate to. It also allows your personality to shine through! 😊🌟

After everyone has introduced themselves in Jeopardy!, I feel like I know each person a little better, and it makes it more fun to root for them.

But how long should it be?

This depends. On your blog, you can share as much as you feel comfortable sharing! Check mine out as an example.

For the back cover of your books, it will have to be pretty brief, since most of the space is for the book synopsis. For your Amazon Author’s Page or any other About Me, I would say simple and straightforward works best. Give us the highlights in a few sentences.

Simple, right? Those three little steps can give you a pretty great start, if not a full, About Me page πŸ™‚ I hope this has helped!

What else would you add to your About Me? Let us know in the comments!

Write on,


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