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A Free YA Novella for You ❤️

Hello, readers and writers! I’m posting on a Thursday to let you know about my new release, a novella titled The Girl He Wants. And, best of all, it’s free!

The Girl He Wants

YA romance/suspense/bullying

It’s the start of her junior year, and Olivia Horse can’t shake off her nickname—Horsey. Her overbite and less-than-perfect looks have made her the person that other girls pick on, and the person that guys completely ignore.

So when a handsome senior, a varsity football player named Ethan Evans, shows interest in her, Olivia Horse can’t help but become suspicious. Soon, she’s stuck in a group project with the handsome Ethan Evans and the popular and gorgeous Sydney Dylan—who is more than happy to remind Olivia Horse to stay in her place.

But will she? When Ethan Evans opens up to Olivia and they become friends, Olivia soon realizes she is falling for him. And possibly, he is falling for her. But that’s something that Sydney Dylan just cannot accept, and she will do anything—anything—to keep them apart.

The Girl He Wants is a suspenseful, romantic short story for teens ❤️

Available on:

Barnes & Noble NOOK Free

Smashwords FREE

I’m in the process of updating the price on Amazon Kindle, but if you would like to support my work, I would definitely appreciate that! Only 0.99 cents on Kindle.

Paperback copy on Amazon only $7.99 🤗

Thanks so much for taking the time to follow and read this blog! If you get the book, I hope you enjoy it too!

Take care and write on,


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