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Never Buy a Pretty Journal

You’ve wandered over to the journals section of the bookstore.  You said you’d only look because, after all, you already have a few blank journals at home.

And there’s no harm in looking, right?

Only now you’re seeing the pretty covers~ the pouty fairies, the iridescent dragons… The flowers and paintings and leathery tomes.  Each fancy cover sparks scenarios in your mind. Scenarios of you pouring your heart into it, night after night. That flirty flowery pink one will hold your love poems.  Or that handmade hemp one will hold your philosophical thoughts. There’s so much potential! Too bad you can’t buy them all!

But after much consideration, you choose one and take it home.

You light a candle and cozy up.  You pluck your favorite pen from the cup and open the first page of that gilded, artsy, expensive journal.  You lower the pen ever so closely to the fresh, clean paper and…


This journal cost a pretty penny, and its beauty deserves some profound thoughts.  You set it aside for when you are inspired by muses of old.

The next day, you open your journal again.  Okay, you gotta at least write down your name.  You brandish your pen and with a flourish sign your name.  You look at your John Hancock and… is it crooked? Did you already mess up your gorgeous journal??

No matter.  There’s plenty of pages and chances to make your cursive shine.  You think of placing a sticker over it later, and put the journal away– the muses are not here yet.

Day 78.  You covered your name with a sticker, but kinda hated it, so you started to pull it off… only it ripped.  You press the sticker back down, but too late. It has a wrinkled corner that sticks up. No matter. You will just dazzle the pages with your thoughts.

Day 364.  You’ve wandered to the journals section of the book store.  You consider buying one… but you have some blank ones at home.  No matter! It’s been less than a year since you brought one home.

Just one more…



Have a wonderful weekend and write on!


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15 thoughts on “Never Buy a Pretty Journal

  1. Forever my dilemma 😂 it’s why I made sure to stop at two notebooks before considering buying any more at my local Michaels Craft Store 😅

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  2. Lesson learned! 😂 I’ve had that happen to me far too many times. It is always more beneficial to get a blank notebook or empty binder – the inspiration FLOCKS to boring stationary hahah

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  3. SO TRUE! I have a beautiful handmade leather journal that I bought at a Ren Fair three years ago. I’ve yet to write in it, but it sure looks pretty on my desk. I’m leaning toward putting recipes in it, like cookies and cocktails.

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  4. I have way too much procrastination and anxiety about writing in a brand new journal – I remember back to my school textbooks when they were all new and crisp, and how after a few pages of perfect handwriting things would start to get untidy with crossings out.


  5. I have long used only black moleskin notebooks. When one gets ratty, the elastic strap stretched out, edges start to split…an ugly notebook is a well loved one. A new book doesnt intimidate, it begs to be broken in. Anybody else write through a notebook, flip it and write on the reverse pages? I sometimes buy other journals, expressly to give as gifts.


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