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25 Blogging Ideas: Tell Us About You!

Hi! I fancy myself a creative writer, but I certainly don’t feel creative 24/7 ~ especially when it comes to finding ideas for my blog.

So, what I usually do on Saturday nights, is watch UFC and brainstorm topics. By Monday I have a long list of topics to choose from. It makes everything so much easier!

And I thought, why not share? So here are…

25 Blogging Ideas: Tell Us About You!

  1. Tell us your weird writing habits.
  2. Show us the strangest book review you’ve ever received (keep the person anonymous).
  3. Tell us about an unexpected way that a story came to your mind.
  4. What do you have to eat or drink while writing?
  5. Make a post about your pet (with pics!)
  6. Where do you see yourself, as a writer, in five years?
  7. Tell us how you cope with negative book reviews and criticism.
  8. What writing cliches do you hate?
  9. What writing cliches do you love?
  10. Which book is widely disliked, but you actually enjoyed?
  11. Tell us about your favorite book ~ and why it is your favorite.
  12. Which movie was actually better than the book?
  13. At what age did you begin to write, and why?
  14. Show us an old, teen cringey poem! 😀
  15. Tell us the most helpful writing advice you’ve ever received (or read).
  16. What is your most interesting hobby? What is your most boring hobby?
  17. Tell us the story of how you proposed/how your significant other proposed.
  18. What was the scariest moment in your life?
  19. What was the happiest moment in your life?
  20. As an author, how do you really feel about money and “selling out”?
  21. If you could have your book (published or WIP) made into a movie, who would play the protagonist? Antagonist? Supporting cast?
  22. You’re stuck in a broken elevator with your favorite author. Who is it? What 3-5 questions would you ask them?
  23. Share photos of your favorite vacation.
  24. Share the story of your most miserable vacation experience.
  25. Share with us an experience that was pretty bad (embarrassing/scary/uncomfortable), but that turned out to be good for you in the end.

Woo hoo! I hope these are helpful for you ❤️

And don’t worry about repeat posts. The answers/blogs will be different for each blogger.

Share any ideas you have in the comments 🙂

Take care and write on,


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  1. For me as a reader, I’m always interested in reading about other writers’ writing process. (Endlessly fascinating, as far as I’m concerned!) I would also be interested in reading about other writers’ writing superstitions (either of the lucky variety or the jinx).

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