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New Release and Character Inspo Photos

Hello, Creative Writers! Where do your characters come from? A person that passes on the street? An amalgamation of people you’ve known throughout your life?

How do you decide what they will look like?

Today I will share with you the character inspiration photos for my new release, Fruits and Gold. (You can read this dystopian love triangle YA romance ~ free on Kindle Unlimited! 😊 )

Character Inspo Photos

My Protagonist, Katia Creek

The title Fruits and Gold refers to the general image of the characters’ surroundings– what is always near them and what they enjoy. Katia Creek loves peaches (hence, Fruits). Her character was inspired by this image from Pixabay:

Image by 3652586 from Pixabay

But it wasn’t just the fruit or general appearance, the lovely smile and playful look on the model’s face was perfect for my character! You see, Katia is a curious girl, who loves adventure and has a kind heart. This image just felt like Katia Creek!

Love Interest, Vincent Verona

I love, love, love K-dramas. So much so that I’ve started learning Korean. My goal is to become fluent to watch Korean TV and to make the Korean members of my church feel welcome 😊 Anyway, this Korean actor inspired Vincent Verona:

Korean actor Song Jae-rim

He is the gold in Fruits and Gold, and I often referred back to this photo to write down his reactions and mannerisms. It actually helped a lot that I had already seen this person, in action!

Love Interest, Seth Holloway

This one is a little strange, because although it’s another actor inspiration, I changed his appearance quite a bit in the book. Meet Seth Holloway, inspired by…

Castaway and Hobbit, Dominic Monaghan!

He morphed into someone taller, younger, and leaner in my book, but this image helped me cement a general look for Seth 😊 He’s also the only actor that has made me tear-up watching TV… Charlie’s death on Lost has left me scarred! 😭

This was a first for me, since I usually think-up characters from thin air. But I did enjoy looking back at these photos as I wrote, allowing their images to inspire descriptions and movements.

How do you imagine your characters? How do you decide what they look like?
Share in the comments!

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