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Best Friends: Relationship and Conflicts

Some people call friendship “a mess worth making,” and I agree. Friendships can be messy and difficult, but worth all the trouble for the reward of joy, connection, and that wonderful feeling of being seen by another.

Today, I want to pepper you with some ideas of possible conflict that can happen between two good friends. The categories are love, life, and positive possibilities. Here we go!

Best Friends: Relationship and Conflicts

Best Friends Since Childhood: Possible Conflicts in Love

  1. One falls in love with the best friend (BFF), but best friend does not love them back
  2. They are secretly in love with each other
  3. One dates a person the BFF doesn’t like/agree with/get along with
  4. One dates an abusive person that tries to separate them from the BFF
  5. Dating each other didn’t work, now they must find a way to be friends again
  6. They slept together once and now must deal with the emotional consequences (or a baby!)
  7. They marry for convenience and now must navigate love (or no love, depending on your genre)
  8. One falls in love with same-sex BFF, but BFF is/isn’t LGBT+ (depending on your genre)

Best Friends Since Childhood: Possible Conflicts in Life

  1. As they grow into puberty, they develop different interests and friends
  2. As they grow into puberty, one rebels in self-destructive ways
  3. College separates them
  4. Marriage and children and work (busyness) separates them
  5. Death separates them, leaving one to deal with the emotional toll of losing the other
  6. One has kept a secret that hurts the other when they find out
  7. One takes a political stand that is opposite the other and it creates drama (which I guess is a possibility in 2019!)
  8. One commits a crime and the other must decide to risk their freedom to help them or not

New Best Friends: Positive Possibilities

  1. One opens up new possibilities in life for the other (the BFF takes them traveling, or trying new things, or thinking in new ways)
  2. The new BFF helps the other learn to trust again
  3. They solve a crime, fix a problem, or go through a change together
  4. They go through a difficult life change together (menopause, adoption, dealing with cancer, etc) and this adds a new level of meaning to their friendship
  5. One helps the other out of an abusive relationship
  6. The old BFFs meet again and rekindle their friendship

These are just a few possibilities that may spark an idea in your mind 🙂

Add in a zombie apocalypse, or magic, or a deeply religious theme, and the possibilities truly are endless! Close friendships are a minefield full of conflict and emotional options for your story.

Did I miss some? Share in the comments!

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