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Welcome to 2020! 🎉🎉🎉

Hello, Creative Writers, Aspiring Authors, and Indie Self-Publishers! I am super stoked about the new year and the new DECADE ahead!

I’ve spent some time making this blog as awesome as I can for you, so let me give you a sneak peek at everything that’s coming your way in this blog in 2020 ✍️

I have scheduled blogs all the way into October, so here we go!

1. Resources for the aspiring author

As always, I’m feeling my way through this wonderful journey of self-publishing, and as I learn more, I will be sharing more with you.

Free resources, high-quality paid resources, and more!

I will share all my trial-and-error to hopefully save you some of the errors 😆

2. Tips, tips, tips for productivity

I’ve been multiplying my writing output, scheduling my time, and getting my writing done in painless and useful ways, so I will be sharing that with you this year.

Time management, tips for drafting, maximizing your writing time-blocks.

I will also be sharing with you tips for success, motivation, and goal-making. Woo!

3. How-to’s for your own blog

Many of you have your own blogs, with your own sets of challenges and road blocks. In 2020, I will share…

Blogging mistakes I’ve made (so that you can avoid them), what has worked for me, and how I keep it running weekly 🙂

So if you have your own blog, stick around for tips and helpful blogging tools and best of all… blogging ideas!

4. Writing-book reviews

I study the art of storytelling and writing through many books, some which are wonderful, some which are flops.

As I finish reading each book, I will share a review with you.

… so that you can see if the book can be a stepping stone towards your own book creation.

5. Any suggestions you leave in the comments!

The essence of this blog is really to save you time, headaches, and money on your way to self-publishing your book. In a way, it’s all about you!

Share in the comments what you’d like to see in this blog.

If I can use your suggestion in a blog, I definitely will!

Consider what you’d like to know about self-publishing, what resources you’re having difficulty acquiring, what areas of the writing process you need help with, and any other questions you may have.

Thank you so much for making this writing blog
part of your 2020 🎉

Take care and write on,


🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜🌸 🌜

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