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Moving Day: Tips on How to Move BOOKS

Some places just feel like home πŸ™‚

And even though moving back home, or into a dorm, or to a new beautiful house can be exciting… moving books is always a pain in the butt!

If you fill up a box with them, the box is too heavy and more likely to break open. Piled books get heavy quickly. So… how to move all these books?? Well, here’s how I made this process a bit easier!

Tips on Moving Books

1. Spread them out in boxes with lighter items

If you’re packing blankets, pillows, comforters, or other fairly light items, sprinkle in some of your favorite books. The box will get heavier, but not overly so.

2. Prioritize and downsize

Unfortunately, if you’re a book hoarder like me, you’ll have to prioritize which books to keep, and which books to give away. Try doing a yard sale, or turning in your books at local stores for cash or store credit. You can re-purchase your favorites later.

3. Consider the Kindle

You won’t know how much you’ll love your Kindle, until you have to move 🀣 When I moved, I got to keep 100% of my digital books, and that is awesome! Because I have gone through the discomfort of moving books in the past, I now also check my Kindle options when it comes to reading.

Hauling a ton of books is always a pain in the butt. It takes some prioritizing, but there are ways to make the process a tad easier πŸ™‚

What tips would you give for moving books?
Share in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Moving Day: Tips on How to Move BOOKS

  1. Great post! When Ive moved books, I use very sturdy containers with attached lid tops (2 flaps). They can run about $15, a little more than Rubbermaid type maybe, but industrial strength, they dont disappoint as they wont warp, crack and lids dont get lost. If you get some that arent so tall, you can fill them up and not worry so much about being Too heavy. After book use, they last almost indefinitely for garage/attic storage.

    Put 1 fabric softener sheet in each closed bin – this keeps insects and rodents out (renew sheet every 6mo-year). Ive done this for years since I heard about it, and for the most part, Ive seen no silverfish or other bookeating creatures in my totes. Some people use mothballs, but i dont want my books smelling like that.

    Sell unwanted books on eBay or Amazon. With an ISBN barcode scanner app for your phone, you can quickly and easily check price values. Download a barcode app. Go to Amazon, click the search field, scan the book with phone, press Enter. Listing is easy, if youre in no rush to sell. A scanner app will work in any search, whether Google or eBay, etc. But it can also be used to create an inventory of books in a spreadsheet, if youre that type of organizer. Perhaps most books arent worth the trouble, but Ive found that some of mine are worth good money. Naturally, with their profit, I can buy more books …or perhaps a Kindle. Also shipping books with Media Rate is the cheapest USPS rate there is, so selling books online, say a 5-lb textbook, can be shipped clear across the country for only about $3.

    Lastly, some used bookstores will give you credit for used books. I have one here that offers half of what they intend to sell the book for in store credit. That can be quite a bit more value to me than selling for a dollar or two at a yardsale.

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  2. Lol..just so happens I will be moving in March and for the past few yrs I have down sized to less than 20 books from 200 😳
    But you are right books are heavy and I have done your ideas in the past…now I have a hamper with a handle and wheels….YES! this will be my book cart for my move I am so excited πŸ’œ

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