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25 MORE Blogging Ideas for Writers

Hello, Creative Writers and Bloggers! πŸ’‘Today I have 25 MORE ideas that you can use for your blog. These are topics mostly related to writing and you as an author.

Without further dudes… πŸ˜‰

25 MORE Blogging Ideas
for Writers

  1. Best writing tools from Dollar Tree
  2. Worst writing tools from Dollar Tree
  3. A fiction book that taught you a new writing technique
  4. Favorite fiction book that breaks the writing rules (such as “no adverbs”)
  5. Your top 3 goals as an author
  6. Show us your journal!
  7. How your faith affects your writing
  8. Best writing class you ever took
  9. Your recommended online learning resources
  10. Share your favorite writing prompts
  11. Share one of your poems. What inspired it? What does it mean?
  12. Where do your characters come from?
  13. Share a real-life situation you fictionalized
  14. Your advice for doing ebook/book covers
  15. Tell us your favorite movie bad guy redemption story
  16. What fictional character would you love to have lunch with? What would you talk about?
  17. Which of your characters have you most disliked and why?
  18. What free writing class online would you recommend? Paid?
  19. If you have a college degree: How has it affected your writing? Did you find it was “worth it”?
  20. Which movie was actually better than the book?
  21. What book would you make into a movie?
  22. Choose a villain from a book or movie. Tell us why they were actually right.
  23. Share with us the best book review you have received so far (keep the person anonymous).
  24. Which self-publishing service do you use? Are you happy with it? Would you recommend it?
  25. If you made a memoir or autobiography, what would the title be?

I hope you find some useful ones on this list!

Share your own suggestions in the comments πŸ™‚

Write on,


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