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3 Simple Tips to Get Closer to Success

Hello, Writers and Indie Authors and Aspiring Authors!

Do you consider yourself a success? If not, keep reading to find out how you can get closer to your goals ~ in simple, straightforward ways.

3 Simple Tips
to Get Closer to Success

Tip #1: Define Success

To some, selling 50 books is a good start. To others, it is terrible. To some, slowly building an audience over time is good, steady success. To others, if they’re not followed by 75k people, they might as well give up.

What does success look like TO YOU?

Is it realistic? Or does it sound like a get-rich-quick scheme? Be honest. Dig deep. Figure out your starting point, your definition of success– and what you need to do to reach YOUR level of success.

Tip #2: Learn

Writing is an art, I get it. But if you’ve been struggling for years and not making any progress, perhaps it’s time to learn and improve. Your favorite musicians, authors, and dancers didn’t come out of the womb like that.

If you’re stuck, you’re not learning anything new.
Study books about writing, storytelling, outlining, time management, etc.

A lot of writers refuse to learn writing tips because ART. But if you’ve been stuck for years, you might be missing a few basics. If you’ve been stuck for years, it’s time to try something new.

Tip #3: Listen to Feedback

There’s the story of a kid who was the stinky one in class. All the other kids taunted him, saying, “You stink!” Then one day, a girl said, “Hey, I know what that smell is. I recognize it. You are letting your wet laundry sit in the washer too long.” And that’s how, through feedback, he didn’t stink anymore.

☝️ That is how some feedback can help you improve.

Listen to your readers. What did they find problematic? How can you fix it? Some feedback is useless (“you stink!”) but some feedback (“hey, this is what’s up”) is priceless.

What do you recommend to get closer to success?
Share your tips in the comments!

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