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25 Blogging Ideas: All About Your Book

Hello, authors! 📚 Today, I have 25 different blogging ideas for you! These are ideas dedicated to your book– whether it is published or still a WIP. I hope these will spark inspiration for your own blog.

25 Blogging Ideas:
All About Your Book

  1. Where were you when the idea first came to you?
  2. What inspired the plot?
  3. Talk about a character that didn’t make it in the book – or one that made it in late in the writing process.
  4. Share about your favorite side-character
  5. Was there ever an alternative ending? Share it with us!
  6. Share your first chapter
  7. Do a pre-sale cover reveal
  8. How did you come up with the book title?
  9. Share any alternative titles you considered
  10. Were any characters inspired by real-life people? If so, tell us who/how/why!
  11. Were any events inspired by real-life events? If so, which and why?
  12. How is your main character most like you?
  13. How is your main character NOT like you?
  14. What inspired your setting?
  15. Which part of the book was emotional for you to write?
  16. Share your opening paragraph, the 1st draft and final draft side-by-side (a comparison post)
  17. Show us pics of your messy (or organized) plotting/outline sheets!
  18. What do you love most about your book?
  19. What do you wish readers to take away from your book?
  20. How do you want readers to feel after reading the last page? Shocked? Inspired? In awe? Hungry for the next book in the series?
  21. Did you dedicate your book to someone? Tell us about that special someone!
  22. What are your protagonist’s strengths?
  23. What are your protagonist’s weaknesses?
  24. Share what you find most interesting about your book
  25. Tell us what is actually GOOD about your antagonist.

I hope these ideas get you started! And, as always, don’t forget to provide a link to where we can find/buy your book 🙂

Take care and write on,


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12 thoughts on “25 Blogging Ideas: All About Your Book

    1. Hi! I love writing, so it’s a joy to me. However, I’ve realized that if I’m not enjoying it (if I need “motivation” to) then that means something about my story is not right. If I don’t enjoy writing it, no one enjoys reading it.

      Usually, I take a closer look at what my plot is lacking, which motivates me to fix it and keep going 🙂

      Also, I’m a homemaker, so writing is part of my daily routine after caring for my family ❤️


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