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Make Beautiful Social Media Images: FREE

Eep! I had to stop by mid-week to show you a cool website I found. I’ve been using this website for a few weeks now and I am so happy with it!

This site helps you make social media images that fit beautifully on your platform. No more guess-timating what size your Instagram vs Facebook photos should be.

Here is an example of an Instagram image:

Above, I customized the large text, small text (including fonts), the image (or you can upload your own), the border… free ❤️

Here is an example of a Facebook image:

Above, I customized all the same things: Text #1, Text #2, image, overlay color, border, AND sample URL… free ❤️

As of me writing this post (today), you can add extra features (such as branding and instant download) for $2.90 per month.

However, you can still enjoy A LOT of free features!

Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

I have nothing to do with this site.

I just like showing you cool, free, low-cost helpful stuff 😉

The site is and you can make all kinds of cool stuff there. I hope this website helps you on your way to branding your indie author image and books!

Write on,


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