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Kindle Unlimited: Is it Right for You?

Hello, Writers & Readers!
At $9.99 per month, is Kindle Unlimited right for you?

What exactly do you get with a monthly subscription?
Let’s find out.

Having your nose in a book is about more than just sniffing it. It’s about falling into a variety of stories that take us to faraway lands, or into the mind of a killer, or sweep us off our feet with romance.

But book hoarding can get pricey, heavy, and cluttered.
Bring in…

Kindle Unlimited: $9.99 per month

As of today KU is $9.99 monthly or $119.98 yearly.

If you buy more than ten dollars worth of books per month, it will save you money.

But hol’ up…

You don’t really get *unlimited* books.
But you DO get…

A wide variety of titles, including many by indie authors. Indie books can be amazingly niche, so if you’re into romance + shape-shifting + [any trope] = KU has you covered. If you’re into crime + medical thrillers + cybercrime = KU has you covered.

You can find any mix of genres, tropes, and themes ~ which is really awesome.

Right now, Kindle Unlimited also has bestsellers, such as:

  1. The Harry Potter Series
  2. The Hunger Games Series
  3. The Hobbit
  4. Handmaid’s Tale
  5. The Essential Calvin and Hobbes
  6. The Shade of Vampire Series
  7. J.B. O’Neil children’s series
  8. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  9. …and more

Bestsellers go in and out of Kindle Unlimited, such as The Lord of the Rings or Kiera Cass’ Selection series or the Well Fed paleo cookbooks.

Kindle Unlimited includes children’s books, YA, new adult, adult, and all ages. They DO have various languages. KU has any genre you can think of: romance, non-fiction, thriller, women’s fiction, Christian fiction/non-fiction, poetry, mystery… and all subgenres therein.

Who is Kindle Unlimited BEST for?

In my humblest of opinions, Kindle Unlimited is best for:

  1. Voracious readers who love to inhale books 🙂 (saves you $$$)
  2. Anyone who cannot hold a heavy book in their hands
  3. Vision-impaired, since there is NO EXTRA COST for large-print (simply adjust font size on your Kindle device)
  4. People who travel/commute often (you can read on your phone)
  5. Those who hate clutter or have limited living space
  6. Anyone with limited mobility (buy books straight from home)
  7. You, if you like to read 😉

Kindle Unlimited also offers some magazines, comics, newspapers, and writer’s books, such as this awesome series:

Seriously, these are amazing!

And there you have it! Not bad for the price. Look for Amazon offers for super-cheap first (few) months of Kindle Unlimited, or gift it to any of your reader friends.

Any questions? Share in the comments!

Read on, my friends!


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12 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited: Is it Right for You?

    1. I do love physical books, though if the story is good, I forget if I read it on paper or Kindle! When I lost too many books moving to Texas, I definitely considered the Kindle a plus. They both have pros and cons.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


  1. While I’m an active Kindle user, there are two main reasons I haven’t yet thought about using KU.
    The first is that I read without any schedule so there are months when reaching the $10 spent on buying books is far away – more so when self-published books are often in the $3-$5 range.
    The second is that if a beta read/swap gets in the mix, there might be times when I won’t buy a book (such as my current swap streak from Nov2019) because reading too many stories at once would lead to weird crossover dreams.

    On the other hand, I know I’ll seriously consider signing my book into KU once it’s finished.

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