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3 Non-Ad, Non-Spam Ways to Share Your Book

So, you have a book to promote, but those posts advertising the book aren’t exactly popular. How can you share your book in your blog without it seeming like another advertisement among many?

And can you do it while helping your readers? Yes, you can!

3 Non-Ad, Non-Spam Ways
To Share Your Book

1. Use your book cover as a how-to example.

How-to blog posts are very popular among indie authors and aspiring authors. Many times, the self-published author is doing everything on their own– including the book cover.

Share with your readers how you attained your book cover, and show the book cover (nice and big) as an example. And always– link to your book.

You will be helping others with their book covers, while at the same time exposing them to your book. Do add a link directly to where we can purchase your book. If you add a LinkTree, or a link to ALL your books, you might not get that instant sale.

2. Use part of your book as another how-to example.

Again, how-to blog posts are always popular, because there’s many authors/aspiring authors out there doing everything on their own, and doing everything for the first time. This includes writing the book itself.

Show us part of your dialogue, your opening scene, or the general plot of your story as a how-to example.

This one is even better, because you can give your readers a direct glimpse of your story. You might even hook a few readers with the opening scenes of your book. And, as always, link directly to where we can buy your book.

3. Use your blurb/back cover as another how-to example.

The blurb, the book summary, the back cover… They are terms for pretty much the same thing: how to summarize your book in a few sentences. This is something many writers (definitely including myself here) have trouble with.

Show us your blurb and how you did it. If it piques someone’s interest, they’ll check out your book!

You’re showing us how to do it, and you’re also linking directly to your book. Link to your blog, to your Instagram, to another page full of more links at your own risk.

How have you snuck your book right into your blog posts?
Share in the comments!

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