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My 3 Most Unpopular Writing Opinions

Unpopular opinions for real. Not “I actually like pineapple on pizza.”

Let’s jump right in!

1. Adverbs work beautifully.

A wise man once said “The road to hell is paved with adverbs,” and then I realized, wait a minute, I don’t even like Stephen King! (An unpopular opinion in and of itself!) And, unless used in excess, adverbs can work beautifully.

Staring curiously, smiling wickedly… Adverbs can be quick beats.

When the dialogue or scene is fast-paced, adverbs work. I get what the character is doing, and I can keep reading the scene. So, I do like adverbs.

2. Yes, other authors ARE your competition.

Unless you’re writing in a vacuum where there are no other authors or books available, yes, other authors and other books in your genre ARE your competition. The reader is choosing between a ton of books and yours.

But let’s not confuse “competition” with “being snobby to each other.”

If my competition (another writer in my genre) raises the bar with her book, then I need to raise to the standard set by her. THAT is healthy competition. It means being inspired, working to do your best, and when someone raises the bar– you rise up to the challenge.

3. Social media doesn’t matter

A great story matters. Social media is secondary to that. Unless your dream is to be an influencer, and not an author. That’s up to you. Regardless…

Social media is surprisingly easy to improve.

For instance, I gathered hundreds of followers on Instagram by simply doing a “writer’s loop.” Within a day, I was up by 300. Of course, I realized that the quality of interactions sucked, and I quickly deleted most, but my point is: You can do social media quickly and easily. Your book? That takes time and heart.

Adverbs work. Other authors are your competition. Social media doesn’t matter.

What are your unpopular writing opinions? Like, REAL unpopular.
Share in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “My 3 Most Unpopular Writing Opinions

  1. Mine would probably be: you don’t need to write daily/regularly – IF you can make irrgular writing work for yourself.

    As for other authors being a competition: sure, people buy one book of many, and in that sense, they ARE competition, but… the recommendation system of both Goodreads and Amazon means that an author can as well be a waypoint to you. The latter takes a lot more time, of course, but shows that it’s not just black or white.

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  2. Great article Yari, I totally agree with 1 and 3. I lean a little more over when it comes to number 2 though, only because of all businesses, I think authors can support each other quite intensely and even if you write the same genre, it can work in your favour to collaborate your marketing etc. But I do agree with the concept of raising the bar and meeting that challenge!

    I am glad I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of Stephen King, I also find a lot of his advice didn’t match the books of his I read where he literally did exactly what he advised against.

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    1. Thanks so much, Ari 🙂 And I noticed that too! LoL Mad respect to King for pounding away at a keyboard and starting his career when everything had to be done manually, but his books…? Eh… not for me 😆

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  3. I agree with all the opinions. Just wondering what would be your thoughts on writing daily. How much time should one spend on it in a day?

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    1. Good question! I think it would depend on the author’s schedule. With a full-time job, writing daily may not be possible. Some authors write only on the weekend, and some write a solid, uninterrupted hour each day. It all depends 🙂

      Personally, I think indie authors should experiment with different times and see what gives them the most productive results.

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      1. So there’s no hard and fast rule to write daily.. But doesn’t writing once or twice a weak hinder the thought process? I feel my thoughts get broken.

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