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3 Non-Political Topics that Get You LOTS of Comments

Blogging is fantastic, especially when readers engage in the comments 🙂 But how can you prompt reader comments without falling into any political discussions? Well, easy!

Here are:

3 Non-Political Topics That
Get You LOTS of Comments

1. Stuff People Say to Writers

If you’re an indie author, you know the drill– you get unsolicited advice the moment you say you’re an author 😋 Some of it is very helpful, but some of it is annoying and even hilarious!

Other authors will chime in with their own often-heard, funny, annoying advice.

TIP: Don’t go through a long list of stuff. Just do a few that you hear often, and let the readers fill in their own in the comments.

2. Do You Need a Degree to Write?

Share with us if you’ve been to college or not, and how this has affected your career as an indie author. This is very much a talent vs knowledge, head vs heart topic, one with many grey areas.

This is a head-vs-heart argument that readers love to comment on.

TIP: Be honest, not provocative. If you lean too hard one way or the other, you might alienate some of your readers.

3. Kindle vs Paperback

I don’t know why, but people are VERY passionate about this! 😅 Most people use both, but they will have strong feelings one way or the other– and they’ll let you know!

State where you stand, and watch readers try to change your mind! It’s fun!

TIP: Be open-minded, and don’t argue in the comments (this rubs off the wrong way). I love Kindle, but it’s still fascinating to see just how passionate readers are about paperbacks 😍

More tips to earn comments:

  1. Reply to the comments. This adds more comments to your post, and it lets readers know that someone is reading their thoughts and taking them seriously.
  2. Ask a question at the end of each post. Make it relevant to the topic. Take an interest in your readers.
  3. Disagree but don’t argue. If you must, disagree. But don’t argue. If you are rude to your readers, they will vanish.

What type of blog post gets you the most comments?
Share in the comments! 😁

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10 thoughts on “3 Non-Political Topics that Get You LOTS of Comments

  1. Great advice and proven too! I did a post about kindle versus paperback for novel reading a while back now, without realising it raises such passion! I enjoyed the considered feedback through wordpress, but when it was read on facebook by a couple of people, they were quite adamant in saying ‘always a real book for reading’ – and that was all they said!

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    1. Our library is also closed too, but they kept their online services open. Yay! A lot of libraries allow you to check out e-books, straight to your Kindle, so that may also be an option 🙂

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