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25 Blog Ideas to Help Your Readers

Hello, Writers! Are you a writing blogger, like me? If so, you might sometimes wonder how you can best help your readers.

If your readers are indie authors, writers interested in self-publishing, or just aspiring authors, here are 25 blog topics that you can do to help them on their writing journey.

25 Blog Ideas to Help Your Readers

  1. Share free resources, such as free stock photo websites, free editing software, free writing classes, etc.
  2. Share your best writing tips
  3. Share a blogging mistake that you have made, that we should avoid
  4. Tell us the writing book you’ve learned the most from
  5. Share your branding techniques
  6. Share your social media techniques
  7. Tell us why you do/don’t read writers magazines
  8. Share a personal experience/choice that has improved your writing
  9. Tell us where your ideas come from
  10. Share your advice for young writers
  11. Share your advice for older/elder writers
  12. Give your tips for self-publishing
  13. Give your tips for traditional publishing (if that is what you do)
  14. Tell us the pros and cons of publishing in the style that you do (indie or trad). Readers love insider scoops and insights!
  15. Share tips for coming up with book titles
  16. Share tips for coming up with character names
  17. Tell us how you “blurb”
  18. Share how your book covers are done
  19. Write about your favorite PAID resources (book cover artists, freelance editors, writing classes, etc.) and tell us if you found it “worth it”
  20. Share your experiences with services like KDP, Amazon Ads, WattPad, etc.
  21. Tell us how you advertise for free
  22. Tell us how you advertise (paid) and if you found it “worth it”
  23. Share what you believe is the best starting point for new writers
  24. Tell us how you made your blog take off
  25. Share how you (or if you) do book tours

I hope you can use some or all of the ideas above to help your readers! As I gain more experience in the world of writing and self-publishing, I will be sharing some of these topics myself 🙂

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Until next time, take care and write on,


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