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3 Blogging Mistakes I Made (That You Can Avoid)

Some were so bad, I went back and deleted them 😂

I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Trial and error has been my modus operandi, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Here are 3 blogging mistakes I made, and their consequences, so that you can avoid them!

1. Tone Matters: Talking Down to Your Readers

Don’t you just love it when someone sounds condescending? You don’t? Nah, nobody does. But sometimes, I’ve sounded soooo rude without meaning to 😫

This can happen when you’re passionate about what you’re writing.

You either really want to help someone, or get a point across, or vent your frustrations. But I’ve found that nobody takes too well to being talked down to. The consequence is readers that are so put off, they unfollow your blog.

I did a blog to help readers get more sales, but instead of just doing that directly, I complained about not being able to find indie books. Oof. Did not go over well.

2. Forgot I Asked

We all know the “call to action.” It’s stuff like “please share!” or “don’t forget to like and subscribe!” You get the idea. But sometimes (myself included) bloggers forget that they asked a question at the end.

This can lead to readers leaving you a comment that you’re not happy with.

For instance, if you forgot that you asked for blogging ideas, then it rubs the wrong way when someone offers ideas in the comments… like it’s unsolicited advice. The consequence is that readers wonder why you asked for a comment, if you’re not going to appreciate it.

If you don’t want advice, leave out the call for action! Otherwise you might leave readers not wanting to comment on your posts anymore. I tend to leave out my “call to action” when I know I won’t have time to respond.

3. Reply to All (or) Reply to None

These are two ends of the extreme, and they are both equally damaging. Your blog can suffer if you do them too much. Here are some quick tips:

Better not reply if:

Do Not Reply if you don’t have time, or don’t feel like it. Your annoyed or rushed mood may come across in your replies.

Do not reply to weird comments, there’s some real weirdo’s out there and once you answer, they keep bothering you.

Do Not Reply if you’re super busy. We understand. But don’t stay silent for too long. Why? Because the less you acknowledge comments, the less comments you will get.

Better reply if:

Do Reply unless you’re famous 😝 If you ignore all your comments, you might come off as stuck-up or worse, ignoring and not appreciating your readers.

Yes, Reply if you have time, and especially if you’d like to show your readers that you appreciate them! You don’t have to do it all the time, but do interact with your readers some. You will find yourself making some great friends 🙂

Have you made any blogging mistakes?
Share in the comments!

I’m sure I’ll goof up again sometime, and when I do, I’ll come right back here and tell you how and why to avoid it! 😂

Take care,


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