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3 Tips for Successful Goal Making

Hello, Creative Writers! Today, I’m going to help you maximize your goal-making, in three simple steps 🙂 That way, your goals are not far-off dreams, but achievable milestones in your life.

Let’s begin!

3 Tips for Successful Goal-Making

Tip #1: Make goals for what is in your control.

It’s fine and dandy if your goal is to have 1,000 blog followers by the end of the year. But how would you ever control that? Can you force 1,000 people to follow? I think not.

It is much better to make a goal for what you can control. For instance, if you want more followers, dedicate yourself to posting a blog weekly. Or dedicate yourself to making higher quality posts. That is in your control.

Tip #2: Make clear, concrete goals.

If your goal is to finish your book, that’s a worthy goal. However, it’s kinda vague, isn’t it? You could finish your book this year, or next, or maybe when you’re 60.

Make your goals clear and specific. Instead of saying “I will finish my book,” say “I will finish my first draft by December 2020.” Think of it as a bulls eye you want to hit with a dart– you want to see the target quite clearly.

Tip #3: Give yourself a reasonable challenge.

You know what you can control, and you are clear on what you want. So, will you want to finish 10 books in 2 months? Yeah, didn’t think so 😝 And while that is an extreme example to make a point, sometimes we do take on too much.

It’s good to push yourself and work hard, but it is no good to aim for the impossible. When making a goal, consider your time, energy, and resources. For instance, maybe you’d love to have 2 books written this year… but 1 book is more realistic given your time. That’s okay. Go for 1 instead.

And there you have it! Goal-making doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler and clearer your goals, the more chance of you reaching them.

What are your tips for goal-making?
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I wish you the best on ALL your goals!


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