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Why Saving the Cat (or the Child) Works for Me

Hello, Writers! “Saving the cat” simply means the part of the story where you show your protagonist doing something nice– something that speaks to his or her moral fiber, something that makes us like them.

I LOVE when characters save the cat, or more literally, a child. Examples: The movie Logan (2017) and Jurassic Park (1993). Both amazing movies, BTW.

Why a child and not a hot lady… 😏

Your character doesn’t have to literally save a cat, but let me tell you why I love heroes that save children… as opposed to hot women they are already interested in.

A child can do nothing for them. It is true altruism.

Take the example of Jurassic Park. Our hero Alan Grant dislikes kids, but he doesn’t abandon John’s grandchildren when they are in trouble. Alan gains nothing by saving these kids. In fact, he puts himself in danger for them.

What a good guy!

But if they’re saving a woman they want to bang… Well, in the back of my mind I know they’re saving her because they need her, want something from her, or she benefits him in some way. Which is fine, especially in love stories. I’m just saying, I prefer true altruism over “saving your girlfriend.” That’s because…

In real life, I admire people who help others, even when they aren’t gaining anything back.

If you help the homeless, the elderly, the abandoned animals at the shelter, the orphans, then I find you to be an exceptional and wonderful human being!! ❀️❀️❀️

No, not like that! LoL πŸ˜„

For me, saving the cat (or child) works powerfully and emotionally.

What about you?

Do you like heroes that only save their loved ones?

Or do you enjoy the heroes of
cats, dogs, children, the elderly… ?

Share in the comments!

Take care and Write on,


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6 thoughts on “Why Saving the Cat (or the Child) Works for Me

  1. I think you must be an ‘exceptional and wonderful human being’ to have those thoughts.
    I shorten the phrase to ‘a beautiful soul,’ though.
    Write on.


  2. I’ve never heard the expression “save the cat” before–just an expression about canines that I won’t repeat here. In fiction, I like when villian inexpilicably does something altruistic. It adds depth and complexity to the character.

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