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Angel VS Edward

One was fine, the other one was incredibly creepy and not received well by non-fans. And I often wonder, what’s the difference?

They are both vampires. They are both MUCH OLDER than their high school love interests. They are both potentially dangerous.

So… what’s going on?

Here are my theories:

1. Acting Talent (or Lack Thereof)

I recently read Twilight, and decided I should watch the movie, too. Welp! I was highly uncomfortable the whole time! The body language of the actors is just… off…

Would you like to be looked at like this?

What the…? There’s “discomfort” and then there’s “I gotta puke.” Guess which one the acting here conveys? Here Edward is supposed to be lured by her blood and struggling to hold back his want. But all I see is “gotta barf!”

How about this one?

sigh… MUCH better

2. The Girls’ Reaction

When Bella finds out Edward is a vampire: “I don’t care.”

When Buffy finds out Angel is a vampire: [after nearly killing him] “I’ve killed a lot of vampires. I’ve never hated one before.”

Bella has no qualms about being with Edward, who is dangerous. Buffy, on the other hand, is torn in two because she loves him… but he’s a vampire! It’s like loving someone with a horrible affliction.

The fact that Bella doesn’t care about Edward’s danger makes her seem stupid to some, and completely horrific to anyone who has suffered domestic abuse. It’s awkward all around. But Buffy’s reaction, confusion, and dilemma are much more understandable to most. She’s not tossing caution to the wind… but she’s also not denying her love.

3. The Way They Meet

Or maybe the difference comes from how they meet.

Twilight: Edward gives her the “holding back puke” stare in high school. A high school he attends, even though he’s MUCH OLDER than all the teens.

Buffy: Angel stalks Buffy down a dark alley… Where she promptly whoops his ass and demands to know what he wants from her. [Also, Angel does not attend high school.]

When older people hang around a high school, it gives off a creepy, loser-ish vibe, and I think Edward’s character suffers greatly from that. I really don’t think that was intentional.

And the fact that Buffy sees and points out inappropriate behavior makes us respect her more. She’s a smart girl. It also draws the line on what Angel will and will not get away with when it comes to Buffy. Kinda complex.

Ultimately, I don’t know.

Though I enjoyed reading Twilight enough, the movies creeped me out with the body language, acting, and weird stares. However, I never once questioned Angel, never once felt weird watching him.

Which, actually… makes him the most dangerous of the two.

How about you? What are your theories on why one was creepy and the other wasn’t? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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