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Price Drop: This Week Only

Hello, bloggers and writers! This week only, my 300 Blogging Ideas book is on sale from $9.99 to only $2.99 🙂

start blogging today

300 Blogging Ideas by Yari Garcia

Includes blogging ideas for both published and aspiring indie authors 🙂

Start blogging instantly about yourself, your book, writing life, whacky stuff, and more!

300 Blogging Ideas includes tips for getting your readers chatting in your comment section, without the need for hyper-political or divisive topics.

Only $2.99 for one week only, but of course, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read the entire book for free!

[Sale ends July 26, 2020.]

I made this book to help all bloggers who have dreams of sharing their writing with the world 🙂 I remember wanting to share my stories with others since a very young age, and a good way to gather readers and friends is through a personal blog, especially since social media is so crowded these days!

With these ideas, you can share something more meaningful, personal, and even funny with the world! With a blog, you’re not limited to photos or limited by word count. You can express your own unique self, all facets of who you are 🌸

Please check out my book and if you enjoy it, leave it an honest review 🙂 Share it with friends or on your own personal blog. I made this book for you, enjoy 🎁

Thanks for dropping by and blog on!

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  1. Well done on getting your newest novel published! Was there a lot of formatting prep needed before uploading it onto Amazon, or were you able to make it easy for Kindle by using software like Kindle Create?

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