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Is It Time to Switch Genres? Ten Questions to Find Out!

So, you’ve been writing in that same genre for some time. Wouldn’t it be nice to try on a new one? Does the thought feel exciting, naughty, and thrilling?

I have Ten Questions for you to find out if maybe it’s time to switch up your writing and give a new genre a try! πŸ™‚

Ask Yourself

1. Does sitting down to plot, outline, and brainstorm still excite you?

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader. Robert Frost said that, and I agree!

Same goes with excitement ~ none in you, none in the reader. If you’re feeling down while plotting, maybe it’s time to switch things up.

2. Do the ideas flow like water, mud, or molasses?

If pulling out ideas is starting to feel like pulling teeth, maybe you’re drawing from the wrong source. Maybe instead of a mystery, you have a romance in you. Maybe instead of a thriller, you have a sci-fi in you.

What’s really in you?

3. Which genre do you read most? Have you been drawn to a new one?

Some writers also read in their own genre. But if there’s a new one catching your eye, maybe it has been planting the seeds of ideas in you.

Go with it.

4. Is there a topic you’re well-educated on?

Believe it or not, you are a fascinating person. Whether your hobby is cooking, knitting, or watching real-crime, you have something that someone else is curious about.

What do you know that you can add to your fiction? If you’ve not been writing what you know, you might not be tapping into your full potential.

5. What has been an experience that changed your life? (Heartbreak, death, betrayal) Have you written in that genre? (Romance, general fiction, thriller)

You are also a well of experiences and emotions that are unique to you, and paradoxically, very human and relatable.

If you’ve been comfy in a genre, but life has flipped upside down for you, maybe your writing can flip, too.

6. Have you changed β€œstages” in life? (High school to college, single to married, hitting 40, empty nest, work layoff, into parenting, etc…)

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. They happen to all of us. Once you reach a new stage in life, it might be time to consider new writing… even non-fiction.

Will your writing reflect your life changes? Which brings us to…

7. If you have changed stages, does your current genre still feel like it β€œfits” you?

It may not just be a matter of writing about your new experiences. Once you change stages in life, your old writing might fit like an old sweater– uncomfortable and out of style.

Consider whether a new genre or a new audience (example: from YA to New Adult) is best for the new you.

8. Have you ventured to write a new genre? If so, why? If not, why?

Maybe the only thing keeping you in your genre is the fear of change. Ask yourself why you have/haven’t considered making a switch.

You might find that you need change, or that you’re perfect where you are!

9. What topics, issues, or places excite you?

In the wise words of Smashmouth, the years start coming and they don’t stop coming. And with new years come new changes: in social issues, politics, culture, and more.

Ask yourself: What am I passionate about? Should your writing reflect that?

10. What does it mean for you to take a β€œwriting risk”? Have you? Does the thought of writing something far-out of your genre thrill you?

Have you been feeling an itch to try something new?

What does “taking a risk” in writing mean to you, and are you up for the challenge?

Once you honestly answer these questions, you’ll know if a switch would do you some good! πŸ™‚

Have you jumped genres?
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6 thoughts on “Is It Time to Switch Genres? Ten Questions to Find Out!

  1. While my main (fantasy) project will take several more years to complete, I admit I’d like to give Sci-Fi a try – but I have no idea what I’d write about so it’s on ‘maybe one day’ for now.

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  2. I’ve been avidly reading psychological thrillers recently, the focus not on a police investigation, but more relationship based plots explored through alternating characters and their inner lives. I usually write lit fic, but feel I may be able to tackle this genre I’ve been reading. You’ve outlined some great points above, you really have a knack for this! And I’ve thought of quite a lot I can draw from in my own life, sooo, yes, number 4 novel will be in this new genre for me :>) Thank you, Yari!


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