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A Firefighter Hero for Her on Kindle

A broken heart, a handsome new stranger, in a small Southern town where a series of arsons are threatening to smoke out all the secrets hidden within…

A Firefighter Hero for Her

A clean Southern romance and cozy mystery
by Yari Garcia

Available Now

A little bit of Chapter One…

The small town of Ponybridge, Louisiana, was a traditional and old-fashioned American town.  It was nestled between sparkling lakes and flourishing woods, only an hour away from the big city of New Orleans.  It was a place where country boys and girls liked to hunt, where cows blocking the dirt roads were a common occurrence, and where everyone went to church on Sundays.

Ponybridge was a quaint, quiet town…

Except for this night.

At midnight on a balmy Wednesday, the kitchen of a double-wide mobile home ignited in flames.  The fire licked its way up the walls, sticking to the ceiling, chewing and charring everything it touched.  The fire spread quickly, making its way through the entire home.

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Yari Garcia

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