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WordPress Personal Plan – Good Deal?

Is the WordPress Personal Plan a good choice for the indie author?

I had the WordPress Personal Plan for some years, but with everything going on here in Houston and the world, I had to cut expenses. I no longer have the plan.

And I am going to miss it! Though you can read all about the Personal Plan on WordPress, today I’m going to share with you the best features for the indie author πŸ™‚

At $4 per month (or around $48 per year)

You can see in the WordPress plan section all that is included in the Personal plan (free domain for a year, more space, free themes) but here are my personal favorites for an author blog:

Free Domain for a Year

I really liked this “welcome to WordPress” freebie. You get to remove the from your URL and choose the one you want (as long as it is available).

This feature is great for indie authors who have a pen name or the word “writes” or “author” after their name. You can have a domain customized to your writer name.

After that, the domain is $18 per year. All in all, not bad!

Live Chat Support

Bless the hearts of all who work at WordPress, I contacted them so much when I had the Personal plan! πŸ˜… But I loved how patient and helpful the staff is! They take their time to walk you through processes, explain features, and help you out whenever you need help!

WordPress makes it easy to contact a real, live person. The waiting times are usually a few seconds or minutes.

No Ads

Oof, I’m going to miss this one 😣 While you have a Personal plan, your website will be free of all those weird ads! I really hope you’re not looking at some right now…

Many people today have AdBlocker, but many don’t. If you see weird ads on your site, a Personal plan will get rid of that.

This will help your author website look much more polished and professional.

And that’s it! Those are my favorite features that I will surely miss. This isn’t a paid advertisement or anything, just me sharing my thoughts πŸ™‚

Do you have the Personal WordPress plan?
If so, do you recommend it?

Take care and write on,


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20 thoughts on “WordPress Personal Plan – Good Deal?

    1. Ads are the worst! I use an AdBlocker too, so I hadn’t realized just how off and weird ads on WordPress could be. I always assumed they were tailored to my recent searches, but guess not! Thanks for sharing, Liz πŸ™‚

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  1. The Personal plan is a huge one for me (and is all I ever need, really, since I have no use for plug-ins). The most important things to me are the ones you’ve listed, which are the domain names and removal of ads.

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  2. I have the Blogger plan which has no ads. This is the only reason I pay for a plan — so I have no weird ads. I also use Adblock. Your blog is beautiful. 😊🌻🧑

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  3. I’ve decided to sacrifice the money for the personal plan from the start – part of it was that it looks more professional and I wanted to take care of that at the start instead of having another thing to do later. Sure, it’s ~$50 a year, but I’ve been paying 130€/year for World of Warcraft subscription before so, in that perspective, it’s money better spent. πŸ™‚
    I also read blog posts mostly via the WordPress reader, which is quite distraction-free anyway.

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