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#FiveFavesFriday: Authors I Wish I Liked

Do you ever see tons of people enjoying something super popular, and you just think, “I wish I liked that too?” That’s the case for me with these authors.

Five Authors I Wish I Liked
(Because Everyone Else Does)

5. Tim Ferriss (Author of The 4 Hour Week)

Is it just me, or do all of Tim Ferriss’ books weigh 50 pounds? Hahaha I really wish I liked this do-it-all author. But his way of accumulating (seemingly) random knowledge in each book keeps me from enjoying him.

Interesting… but not for me

When I read a Tim Ferriss book, I feel like I’m listening to a child chattering after eating his entire bag of Halloween candy. My husband loves these, so it’s not like he’s a bad author. It’s just… I can’t.

4. Dan Brown (Author of The DaVinci Code)

I did like The DaVinci Code, and read it quickly when it first came out. But every Dan Brown book after that has left me feeling… unsatisfied. The books build to a crescendo that never comes.

The book that made me go NOPE!

It was when I read Inferno that I gave up on Dan Brown. The book builds up, which made me expect an explosive climax (giggidy). However, it ends in the most unethical dud I’ve ever seen in a book. The ending is such a crime against humanity and cruel… and that was with the “good guys” winning!!

3. Harlan Coben (Author of The Stranger)

I’ll be honest– I still read Harlan Coben books, just not as much as I used to. Once I figured out “the formula,” the books became a little predictable. I recently enjoyed The Stranger.

Not bad, not bad.

His books are like watching an action movie, or chewing bubble gum. It’s fun for a while, and that’s alright. Stop reading if you don’t want a spoiler: the fake pregnant belly thing in The Stranger was a bit of a reach…

2. Neil Gaiman (Author of everything you know already! Haha)

I do like Neil Gaiman, I just wish I enjoyed him more. People seem to read his books and leave fascinated, with a smile on their face. I’m still reading through Trigger Warning, and I bought that right when it came out.

“What do you mean you don’t like Neil Gaiman?”

I know, I know. I suck because I don’t love Neil Gaiman 😆 But #1 on my list will really ruffle some feathers…

1. Stephen King

Yeah, I really do not like Stephen King. I find his books outdated, under-edited, and full of boring descriptions. Sir, I know what clouds look like. Unless there is something special about them, just say “clouds.”

Some King books.

Perhaps I don’t like horror, perhaps I don’t like long drawn-out descriptions. Who knows? I can’t love every book, and I certainly don’t love his books.

Is your favorite author on this list?
Share why I’m wrong in the comments! 😆

Write on,

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12 thoughts on “#FiveFavesFriday: Authors I Wish I Liked

  1. I confess I like Neil Gaiman quite a lot (though his books aren’t always up my alley), but it’s hilarious to see Stephen King on here because he represents sort of a sitcom arch-rival to me. Setting aside issues I have with the way he writes female characters or characters of color, the man has an entire section set aside in his “On Writing Well” book about how “the road to hell is paved with adverbs” and “adverbs are not your friend,” which is immediately hilarious because “not” is an adverb. His ordinary writing uses more adverbs than mine!

    Stephen, please. You’ve built a generation of aspiring writers who idolize you and think adverbs are always lawful evil…even if they have no idea what adverbs actually ARE other than “the -ly” words. *shakes fist*

    Anyway, I think we tend to assume “successful” authors must be the same thing as “better” writers, when in reality they’re prone to the same goofs and gaffes as the rest of us. Very good post, by the way! I think you were fair and humorous in explaining your reasoning.

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  2. Right there with you on SK. Love the movies made from his stuff, but I can’t read a three page description of a couch. I just can’t. And some of his plots are so very, very stupid (I recall one about a laundry machine that came to life because a virgin cut her hand or some nonsense).

    I used to really like Dan Brown (although you’re right about him not knowing how to end a story; the end of Angels & Demons was such a let-down), until I read one of his books about a subject I was very familiar with and discovered that all those cool things you learn in DB’s stories aren’t true. Myth after myth after myth reported as fact. So disappointing.

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