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#FiveFavesFriday: Nonfiction Books

Do you read nonfiction? I find some nonfiction books absolutely fascinating! Here are five that I love and would highly recommend.

Favorite Nonfiction Books
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5. Humans of New York: Stories by Stanton

If you’re intrigued by other human beings, this book is for you. The author photographs a person and adds a brief story or anecdote that they shared.

Absolutely beautiful.

I found myself sighing, laughing, and also feeling choked up by this book.

4. Espionage by Volkman

Do you want a book that will leave your mouth hanging open? Do you want to know what REALLY happens during war? Read this.

Ah, now Snowden makes sense…

After you read this, so much of modern-day online lack of privacy will make sense…

3. Where the Birds Never Sing by Sacco

Not for the faint of heart. I repeat, not for the faint of heart! This book was highly recommended by Amazon Kindle Unlimited, and it was amazing.


Told from a 1st person point of view, this book helped me learned so much more about WWII than I thought possible. Great read for adults. Some graphic photos.

2. Stoned by Raden

Terrible title, wonderful book. I also learned a lot of history with this one, including a bit about my ancestors from both sides of the pond. I highly recommend this book.

Fantastic book!!

You ever wonder why Beanie Babies were valuable, then not valuable? This book will answer that question, along with why Native Americans traded Manhattan for glass beads, why the emerald lost value, and why diamonds are a bit of a scam…

1. Spillover by Quammen

Go ahead. Read a book about pandemics during a pandemic. Why not?

We figured out what the “next human pandemic” was…

This book is also jaw-droppingly good. It’s about pandemics that “spill over” from animals to humans, which is not a thing that happens every day.

What’s your favorite nonfiction book?
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Read on, my friends!

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8 thoughts on “#FiveFavesFriday: Nonfiction Books

  1. I’ve been reading fiction and poetry exclusively for the past year. I can’t remember the last nonfiction book I read. The one that pops into my head as a favorite is Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry by John Frederick Nims.

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  2. I read a great deal of WWII non-fiction (research!)- “Under the Wire” by William Ash is a fantastic story of an American man who went to Canada to join the war, wound up flying British planes and crashed in France. He was a POW “escapeologist” and some of the stories he shares are pretty crazy!
    Another great one is Avis Schorer’s “A Half Acre of Hell,” sharing the story of her time as a combat nurse in WWII. Those were some brave ladies!
    Your recommendations sound fascinating 🙂

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