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300 Blogging Ideas

For indie authors, aspiring authors, and creatives 🙂 No more staring at a blank computer screen! Now you can have 300 ideas to engage your readers, advertise your book (without looking like an ad), and tell us about yourself!

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Ten different sections.

Chapter One: Blogging about yourself.

Chapter Two: Blogging about your book.

Chapter Three: Helping your readers.

Chapter Four: Writer blog posts.

Chapter Five: Book blogging.

Chapter Six: Conversation starters.

Chapter Seven: Whacky stuff!

Chapter Eight: Top 3’s.

Chapter Nine: Holiday blogging.

Chapter Ten: A mixed bag of blogging ideas.

On Kindle and Paperback.
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Take care and blog on!

Yari Garcia

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  1. I ordered your book — the Kindle edition. It looks like something I could use. Whenever I put out a post I think — I have no idea what I am going to write next week. I usually think of something but could use a little help with ideas. ❤

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