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3 Things I Love About Zombie Books

Hello, Writers! Today, I’m sharing what I love about zombie books 🤗

3 Things I Love
About Zombie Books

1. Zombies are a constant issue in the book

Whether the story follows a romance arc, a complicated bioterrorism plot, or a political overthrow… if it’s a zombie book, I want zombies in the book! I love when the major element of danger in the book never goes away.

2. New lore or new twists on the zombie

Not all books can follow the good ol’ slow-shuffling decomposing body moaning “braaaiiinnss.” And that’s totally fine with me. I love when zombie books add a new twist to the undead!

Such as:

3. The characters have a hard time– without resorting to stupid choices.

I mean, it’s a zombie apocalypse. I’m sure things will go wrong without having to resort to the characters acting moronic. I love it when the characters in a book do their best, and their best is still not quite enough. That is very chilling.

And there you have it! If a zombie book has all of the above, I am hooked!

What do you love about zombie books?

Have you written one? If so:
Share in the comments!

Write on,

Yari Garcia

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2 thoughts on “3 Things I Love About Zombie Books

  1. When I was younger a zombie was someone who was out of it because they didn’t get enough sleep. But it could also be because they were sick with a cold or the flu. We would say, “I feel like such a zombie today.” Interesting how the word has morphed into meaning something else today.


  2. I had a huge zombie kick a few years back! Have you ever read World War Z by Max Brooks? It’s dark, but I really enjoyed the “interview” format.


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